what / where to drink?!


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hi everybody!!

i am new (virgin:( ) to ibiza, but this website helped me through alots of things, but drinking!!

so this some sort of questions need to solved:

1) should i buy drinks in the duty free of the ibiza airport? or is there some beers stores with affordable prices? and where are they?

2) is there any "happy hour" in ibiza bars? when and which places are best for drinking before heading to clubs, in sense of costs!

and if there any tips or suggestions on drinking, like some kind of Spanish beers or cocktails that i have to try / avoid, plz post it here.
Don't be sucked in by any happy hours in Ibiza Town... they are lying, they should be called depressed because I'm still being ripped off hour ..... Basically what I mean is if somethings buy one get one free, make sure you find out how much the one is first :lol:
Ibiza Town harbor bars tend to be quite expensive anyway.
You'll find plenty of cheap drink deals in San Antonio and Playa den Bossa.
Kopi, a bar down the sidestreet across from Garbi hotel in PdB, serves up 2-for-1 beers for 2 euros :!:
If you are on a budget and watching the cents move slightly away from the main tourist areas,have a drink with the locals,it makes all the difference.
We found San Antonio "strip" had offers on or you could haggle for drinks. Usually cheap s**te but depends on what you are looking for :)