What was wrong with David Morales on Saturday at Pacha?




I am the biggest fan of David Morales but last Saturday he played such an awefull set at Pacha, he f***ed up all his mixes, Morales I came to Ibiza especially for your set but you were so high and so drunk man...
He was pants a couple of weeks ago at Space on Sunday. We thought it was 'cos he was off his head 'cos it was his birthday. His mixing was woeful, and he kept turning the volume down, then forgetting to turn it back up again. Cue lots of people standing around looking really bemused :confused: :(
have only seen mr morales once. at the sunday @space opening in june. he was frukin brilliant. im sure he didn't get to be a big name dj by being sh1t.

is dissapointing though when you get let down. kill all djs, it;s the only answer