what to wear???



could some of you more experienced ibiza clubbers please tell me what to wear to all the big clubs???(especially pacha as i hear its full of posers!)i get the impression they are all very hot so probably the less clothing the better!however i dont have a supermodel figure for all the skimpy bikinis!!!

also should i splash out on some mad clubbing outfits from some of the online club stores?they look fab but does many people wear them?

i love furry boots!will i get laughed at if i wear them?? :oops:
Wear what u feel comfy in and cool in.

I used to be a cyber * dodges the bottles everyone throws at me* and wore it a few times in Ibiza last year. Was really mad the reaction i got. I had people asking for my photo and everything, was quite cool. Even got on T4 cos of it ( but thats another story). But, one worry is it does single you out for attention and possible abuse.

I wouldn't wear Fluffy stuff to Pacha to be honest, Slinky and Crasher are the only places i'd say you shoudl wear them, and even then it;s debatable.

But wear some comfy shoes! You are gonna be wearing the same pairs for quite a few nigths in a row out there, so make sure they don't hurt your feet.
wear what you like, theres that many nationalities with different fashions your not going to look an idiot, some of the stuff people wear you'll think is naff but its just because there from another country but if you feel like going a bit wild ibiza is the place for it but if your more comfortable being a wallflower no problem, remember the pics you see in clubs are picked by the photographer so its usually the gorgous people or a good outfit but everyone else is just like you and me
hot-bi said:
the pics you see in clubs are picked by the photographer so its usually the gorgous people or a good outfit but everyone else is just like you and me

most of the beer boys end up in shorts and football shirts, even in the better clubs so that gives you some indication of the range of people in there.

Booked our first girls holiday in Ibiza and have been enjoying reading your stuff everyone keeps saying "beer boys and lager louts" this doesn't mean ordinary girls on cocktails ? am scared me and the girls are going to be the only ones not on drugs .........
Robo said:
nah, you won't be the only ones not on drugs.

indeed! I actually decided to give them up in ibiza of all places last year!

Alchohol is the way forward ( with the right attitude as well)
shame people think its this drug island
i mean i love em myself, but if went out on a large one every night i was there i'd wouldnt come home normal!
its a take it or leave it kinda place, you certainly can leave it, the high is the place/music and people NOT the drugs!
For me, clubbing time means bikini time!! Nothing beats a snug bikini top as the best and smartest dancing outfit.

P.S. I'll be avoiding drugs too, just a personal thing.
Glad to hear not everyone will be chewing there face off ! Anyway only 67 days to go getting very excited !