What to pack

I'd definitely take a waterproof jacket cos it might rain (sorry!) though you should see some sun though during the day and when you do it will be tshirts and shorts weather.. nights will still be on the cool side though and many hotels don't have heating - so take what you need to keep warm at night.
brill advice.warm jumper or jacket for nighttime.its not that hot to wear t shirt ot shorts at night,thats how you get a colds.infact no hotels have any heating in rooms.unless your s/c.put gas rings on a bit.
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There are a couple of hotels which have heating - the Hotel Simbad in Talamanca definitely does and I'm pretty certain that Hostal Mari in San Antonio does. Most certainly dont however!
you take what you think is best.stuff for beach.night time.and those might be raining chilly windy days.but no going over the top.just one jumper/jacket you travel in will be ok.and may be long bottems.two good pair of shoes.and a small brolly.to think you got to carry the case.

Anne and Tam where you staying this year.
We are staying at Hotel Ereso Es Canar. Not packed yet :rolleyes: and we fly next Saturday normally I would have been packed days ago. Stopped smoking seven months ago and have put on so much weight can't get into any of my holiday clothes. Never mind my ciggy money is what paid for this holiday.