What ta do??? Saturday - hed kandi/wonderland???


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Mmmmm it's a dilemma... I'm hoping that some of you kind Ibiza Spotlighters maybe able to offer me a little advice??

Let me set the scene.. I've decided a blow out weekend is needed, my remit was a fun filled weekend with like minded party people.. by boyf suggested there was only one place for my friend and I to go.. Ibiza. What a fabulous idea!! ;)

My friend and I are of the slightly older female variety, only slightly older at 38. I see from the party date calendar that Hed Kandi and Wonderland are on the Saturday night...but which to choose???

We arrive on the Friday evening and have to travel back to London in the early hours of Monday morning, so Saturday night would seem the night to go for.. ... ... I really want it to be a good one.. soo what d'ya reckon??

I'd really appreciate any input here.. thanks x
Thanks for that.. so it is..

Sooo in that case Sat Hed Kandi or Amnesia???
At your age (sorry to say that...:oops:) i think Hed Kandi would be more your style unless you like to see muscle guys and they turnout to be gay (almost all of them are on the island), the music is not the same but still house in both cases, but Hed Kandi has more funky feeling to it and its more fashion posh than fashion street wear...if you what i mean. Example: Matinée= bring a cap. Hed Kandi=Style your hair in a way everyone sees you in a dress that shows your legs (just an example) so its up to you really! Good Luck and enjoy your stay!
Thank you so much for that advice, I really appreciate that. Hed Kandi sounds much more our kinda thang.. excellent.. I am soooooo looking forward to it x