What song reminds you of ibiza??


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Many tracks spring to mind, that when i hear them, bring back fond ibiza memories.. One that stands out from 2008 is Wizeman by Copyright.. Heard it everywhere and especially reminds me of defected at pacha.


Just wondering if anyone else has a particular favourite that reminds you of the white isle??
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Roger Sanchez - Another Chance

The undisputed anthem of Sept 01 when I visited for the first time.

Kings of Tomorrow - Finally ranks as a close second.
Not what you might expect,

Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue..:eek:

Not my favourite stones tune,but a very popular and much requested one when I first went,so always reminds me of Ibiza...
1st time I went:

Agnelli & Nelson Everyday

Then a few years later...

John Cutler - It's yours

Miguel Migs - Find What's Mine
No link, but just a great smooth house track - still listen to it today...

David Morales - Needin U

Eric Prydz - Slammin

Stonebridge - Put Em High

Junior Jack - ESamba

David Guetta - Just a little more love

Roger Sanchez - Another Chance

Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (more WMC but what the hell!)

Roger Sanchez - Another Chance

Agreed- many from that year- Fire Wire and F00king Society by Reloop/Cosmic Gate and GrooveRider and that cat-faced lass were everywhere on the Isle that year. 1999- Atb - 9pm (till I come) was everywhere!
Junior Jack - ESamba - seconded.

Apart from the usual annual big tunes :

The Kooks "Naive" reminds me of a particularly good night, i think is was played in some ones apartment a lot, and "Empty Streets" - Midnight Alumni.
Banda Sonora - 'Guitarra G'

That 'On The Beach' tune by ?????

Rhythm Masters - 'Ibiza In My Soul'

I would KILL to have heard sueno latino or Josephine or City Lights or Stop Bajon

and what did I get....

Tom f**ing Novy :rolleyes: