what shoes for girls to wear to clubs?



i am going to ibiza for the 1st time in aug. what type of shoes do ppl wear in the clubs? smart trainers or heels? also, dress code. what do most ppl wear? i know ppl say wear what you want but, do ppl dress smart or casual? i dont want to down dress or over dress!
You can get in in anything but I'd always advise trainers-certainly flat shoes as the clubs go on for ages, are very busy and in the case of Pacha have loads of stairs.

Most people just dress for comfort. A skirt and a sleeveless top would be grand.
Im going to ibiza on saturday 8) and ive bought myself some funky shoes with kitten heels as i dont think i could dance in my high heels for too long!

Just take comfortable shoes with u that u know u will be able to dance in ;)