What´s Going On In August?


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When will radio 1 be there and will MTV be back?
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Last year they played in an area around the bay in San An. Think they also did a night at Privilege.

There is usually a show from each of their big name dance djs so expect to see Jules,Fergie,Tong,Yousef,dodgy dave pearce etc. The breakfast show will probably be there too.
sounds cool I saw a program on tv where Erick Morillo was hosting a skow at Mambos, I think that was the MTV week, looked cool and faithless were playing.....what a shame they dont do that anymore.
another option:
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radio 1 r at the windmill ,next to the bahia hotel,if u look to your left as u come out of bar m ,look closely and u can c the windmill in the distance,its a 15 minute walk,defo not to be missed.