what r the laws like on drugs?

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How strict are the cops out there, say for instance if they were to find some cheeky fellers in your pocket,fine?,cells?
I have no idea what this topic is about honest guvna!

Seriously though, there is a section on this site that you should read!

Bear in mind though that you are abroad and that a sure fire way to ruin your holiday would be to get nicked!

Covert ops required! :twisted:
I heard a rumour that you could be talking 600 Euros to get yourself out of jail for doing pretty much anything naughty.... or it could be balls. ;)
Ouch, 600 euros!!!!!!

Definitely need total covert operations then!
the rumour about the 600 Euros is just that ;) i am sure the guardia would go absolutely mad if anyone tried that

firewalk please read and search our site for this sort of information before posting in the forums.

cheers ;)
In my opinion posession is posession. Police like to make an example of people so no one tries stuff.

Haven't been there but 2-3 pills is probably just gonna be taken away where as 4 or more might give them suspicions.

Are there undercover police in the clubs?
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