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This year I'll not be in Ibiza :cry: :cry: :cry: ..Maybe I can go in September but :confused: I dont know yet!Tell me about any changes plz?What's the biggest changes in Ibiza this year?What's the best what's the worst!How r the prices?
THANX mates!
Erm where to start.

Pacha is trying to dominate the island when it comes to funky house, you could go any night from Monday thru Saturday and get your fix of house. Few new nights at El Divino - Hed Kandi on Sat and Defected on Sun the best of the bunch. Pin-Up which opened last year and was popular for DC10 casualties on Monday also has Garlands on Tues and Soul Heaven on Weds. Pin-Up is a lot cheaper than other clubs (20 euros entrance and drinks cheaper). For prices for other clubs we were paying around 35 euros entrance in June. DC10 is more expensive this year, think it was 25 euros and they've pushed drinks prices up compared to previous years.

Sundays@Space same as ever :D same with DC10 :D

Don't know about any changes in San Antonio cos only went over there the once to Kuhmaras.

Bora Bora is still rammed everyday from mid-afternoon.

There seems to be fewer people on the island but as mentioned in previous posts this is a lot to do with all the new nights springing up and people been more selective as to where they go.

Drinks prices are same as, 8 euros for water/wine and 10 euros for vodka/lemon in Pacha, in Space 6 euros for water/8 for wine/10 for vodka lemon if I remember correctly.

Base Bar has moved just down the road, bigger place and means you don't have to negotiate those stairs to the toilets :eek:

That's all I can think of off top of my head, yay there a few changes but at end of day it is still the same island I know and love :D