What Is The Ideal Clubbing Week In Ibiza

mon - Release Yourself
tues - Underwater
wed - Subliminal (tho Groove On is looking good so far)
thu - Ministry of Sound
fri - Pure Pacha
sat - Ibiza Feeling/Balearic People (the real ibiza djs)
sun - We Love Sundays... (yes we do!)
This is my personal lineup:

Monday morning/afternoon > DC-10
Tuesday- Underwater @ Pacha
Wednesday- Subliminal @ Pacha
Thursday- Cream @ Amnesia
Friday- Rest, enjoy sunsets, restaurants, or visit Formentera.
Saturday- Rest, enjoy sunsets, restaurants, or visit Formentera.
Sunday- We Love Sundays @ Space
a weeks clubbing

Monday- maybe manumission or carwash at edan
Tuesday- manumission carry on at space then clockwork & the gallery at edan
Wednesday- subliminal sessions
Thursday- to much choice, either mos or tonic
Friday- tonic carry on at space,
Saturday- retro at edan
Sunday- deje vue at es paradis

a week is never enough hence why i am going for 2

would also do cream, grasher, garlands and maybe we love sundays
MO: r. sanchez + dj gee
TU: Carry on + Underwater or Clockwork (depending on DJ)
WED: relax
TH: Cream
FR: Made in Italy
SAT: hed kandi or privilege
SUN: judgement sunday
Sundays - We Love Sundays@Space
Mondays - DC10
Tuesdays - Underwater (Gatecrasher later on in summer)
Wednesdayx - Subliminal or Soul Heaven
Thursdays - Ministry
Fridays - Pure Pacha
Saturdays - Day of rest
Monday: Manumission...naaahhh...dunno
Tuesdag: Eden - Tidy Trax or Amnesia - Gatecrasher
Wednesday: Subliminal - Pacha
Thursday: Cream - Amnesia
Friday: Euphoria - Eden
Saturday. Hed Kandi - El Devino
Sunday: Space or TunnelTrance - Privelege
Definately do Crasher (if it ever happens)at Amnesia on the Tuesday. I am gutted that this is not on when I'm there as I've been to a few nights where Ferry Corsten and Armin Van Buuren have been on the same line up and it is total trance heaven. 2 of my favourite DJ's if you like that kind of music you won't be disappointed and they will show you that trance is still well and truly alive :)
I totallyyyyy agreeeee! I love Armin, Tiesto, PVD, etc....Trance isn´t dead (yet?) - and im sorry to see that some of the bigger trancenites were neglected this year. ice 2 know Im not alone on this trancey matter lol
Yep, trance is still kicking!!!!

Shame that I can't see some of the legend - ABV, PVD, Ferry Corsten, DJ Tiesto!!!!

But Judgement Sunday and Cream will be ideal fodder for us trance fiends!

Just a shame that Vive La Trance is on the same night as Cream!, Fancied going there but can't miss Cream Opening with Oakey and Tall Paul!

It's funny, there is a definite split on this site between the house and trance crews.

Good news about Eden dropping drinks prices though!!!!
Yep that is a tough one!!!!

Basic problem is that a trance club will normally play house in a 2nd room or terrace but a house club won't play any trance!

So could be a bit of conflict management within your group!!!

Good luck!

I'm ok, out of 7 of us - two are trance mad and the others aren't that bothered where we go, so long as they are out and about!
Monday Morning - DC 10
Monday Night- Cocoon
Tuesday morning- Manumission Carry on/bora bora
Tuesday night -Carl Cox
Wed - Subliminal
Thurs- Rest
Fri- Pacha Pure
Sat- Rest
Sun- Space
Monday: DC10(am) / Release Yourself(pm)

Tuesday: Underwater

Wednesday: Subliminal

Thursday: MOS

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Hed Kandi

Sunday: Obviously ........ SPACE :p

Uhh sounds like drew is into House if Im not mistaken....??
well house is cool...but I´ll always be a trancegirl by heart for sure!!!

good to hear we are some people who are luvin it here!
Sunday: SPACE then Defected

Monday: DC10 then Cocoon

Tuesday: Manu Carry-on then Garlands then Crasher

Wednesday: Follow me then Subliminal

Thursday: rest

Friday: Pure Pacha

Saturday: Baleric People
Nah never heard of rest!

It must be new, or something -maybe it is a multi genre club for all of the 'rest' of the music other than trance or house!

(I'll get me coat!)