What is Ibiza like beginning of May??



We wanna go for a week of good sun/beach/relax/dance thingies. Plannning 4 till 12 May 2003. Anything to do at Ibiza for more progressive/techno minded people?
i was there from 18-31 May 2002, and at that time only pacha was open (where house music is played) and and es paradis (trance).
all the other "big ones" are closed.
but you will enjoy it anyway!
if your going for clubbing, don't go at the start of may, pacha, el divino are only open and will be a very spanish crowd.

Because its only the start of the tourist season it will be quite, with a few places just strtaing to open up....

the weather however will be lovely...
and more underground related stuff?
don't have to go to Pacha and stuff like that :)
I'm going 10th May for 4 days so may see you out there. As far as I can make out Pacha is the only thing open & we intend to go there on sat night. I went late May last year and loved it, much quieter, locals more friendly etc. I think the only way to find out about the more underground goings on is to wonder about around Ibiza town bars & speak to people.

I´m sure it will be very QUIET as few of you wrote, but amazing, gorgeous and the waether will probably be nice as well. Don´t expect that the beaches will be crowded, nor any place in peticular - But I´m sure the magic´s there and that the air will be filled with "the- season´s-just-begun"- sensation!

HAVE FUN! :eek:
Im going out with ten of my mates on may 5th, ive spoke to a few people who have been in may, they still had a top holiday even though it was quiet. still loads of people there.

See u there!!
Ibiza in may~!

Hi! My friends and I will be planning on Ibiza in May as well (May 15th-18th), I didn't know most of the big clubs won't be open :cry: but it should still be fun right? Does anyone know if any of the international dj's will be there (i.e. pvd, tiesto, etc...)? I was really hoping to see them, but this is my one shot at Ibiza for who knows how long.... I'm studying in London right now, and hope to kick off the end of my semester with good music and good people in ibiza....

lostinspace said:
what about the 2nd week of June? That's when I'm going. Does anyone know what it will be like then?

Usually very nice. Not too boiling. Sunset strip and clubs just right - not too packed and you SHOULD get to catch a few of the opening parties, although most of them are last week of June
I only want to do 3 nights in the week anyway. I want to speand some time around the island as well. Hopefully less choice will mean less temptation
I've been at the start of May twice and had a great time although didn't go for clubbing, just for a cheap week away . Pubs etc were still open in San An. The weather was gorgeous both times and my friend met the man who is now her husband. You get to see more of the island which is good as I never seem to be in a fit state in the Summer :oops:
June 16th

Whats the club scene like around June 16-23rd?

Thats when I was thinkning of comming - Godskitchen opening party :)

Can anyone get into the opening parties?
First time in ibiza

Ya it will be my first time in IBIZA.... i will be there from MAY 9-11... If any 1 wants to meet hook it up...