what have i done !!!!!!

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in being pissed off with mates and family i decided to get away and have booked week in ibiza from 20th july - 27th july on my jack jones........went there last year with mates sure i will have a wicked time and was wondering if any fellow hard house nutters wanna hook up.....if anyone is gonna go judgement sunday at eden on 21th july let me know........cheers...sorted....can i have a sip of that...course you can !!!!
where u flying from

and where r u staying. me and a mate r going the 20th can't f***ing wait. :p :p :p :p
I'm going the 23th with a friend of mine. We are also hardhouse lovers. Do you have any suggestions on more hardhouse nights? If you like to meet up, just let me know.
Godskitchen@eden is pretty hard, and i think trade are doing a night at that new Inox club in san An.
i know sundissential and slinky have hard house nights and godskitchen at eden but i think even the hardhouse nights have trance and other aswell..........i will be there 20th july to 27th july so if anyone wants to meet up then message me !!!!!
This maybe a little late 4 u but Inox is hosting both nucleaz & frantic as well as sundissential.