What has been your best club night/day in Ibiza ever????


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And you can only say one!!

I think mine is opening of We Loves Sunday @ Space in 2001 with Danny Tenaglia and Tongy but it's so hard to choose one :p
Has to be the sundance festival 2001.
slipmatt and lime (sl2) playing a wicked banging hosue set then switching half way through to old skool tunes like 40 mile congress and far out sonz of the loop
brought back memories of my past clubbing days.
brings a smile to my face thinking about it.
Favourite stuff

Azuli Records party at Pacha in '99. Kathy Brown sang live and all the performers were there....AND, there was room to dance which is unheard of.
I'm going to break the rules and give three though...every Monday at DC-10 is my favourite & Renaissance Live in 2000 at Privilege when Moloko played was wicked.
It's simple and short:
Paul Van Dyk dropping For An Angel on 29/08/02 @ Amnesia (Cream night)
:eek: :eek: :eek:

And they say a picture worth thousand words, so here's a picture that was shot a few seconds after this amazing moment i'd just brought up:


I'm the one who is wearing pink/purple pants and is found way up high in the sky (literaly) and above all others :evil:
I think i agree with barbie. Space Sunday opening 2001. This was my first time in ibiza, we arrived on saturday night and went to space the next day. they say the first time is one you will remember forever. certainly true in this case.
First time at DC10 last year really sticks in my mind. It scared the shit out of me when we first went in, full of freaks & seriously cunted people. But once u get the vibe it is 'the real ibiza'.
First time at DC10 last year really sticks in my mind. It scared the shit out of me when we first went in, full of freaks & seriously cunted people. But once u get the vibe it is 'the real ibiza'.
Club Night: Paul Van Dyk at Amnesia (summer 2000). He rocked this place for 6 solid hours straight; came on with lots of energy, uplifting tracks, threw in classics, dry ice, and closed it out with "seven cities" -- most emotions I've ever felt in a club :D

Day: summer 2001 ~ Salinas -- DJ Jonhathan dropped a mix of "summer time" with Louis Armstrong & Etta Fitzgerland. What a perfect day for that song.
Even though I almost died (8000 ppl in a 4000 space) and Tiesto played one of the worst sets I've ever heard (and I'm the biggest trancelover ever), had to be PVD & Tiesto 3hrs each back-to-back at Cream Amnesia last year on August 1st. AMAZING!!! PAUL VAN DYK PAUL VAN DYK!!!
CanadaKid I'm with you there, I went the Tiesto/PVD 3hrs back to back session in Amnesia on 4th July last year and I thought Tiesto was awful too, even though like you I love my trance! PVD did make up for it though with a great set to finish it off. My best Ibiza day/night is either that night in Amnesia, or the Tonic after party on the terrace at Space which was my first experience of the Space terrace and it just blew me away!

I did see Tiesto in Godskitchen @ Code, Birmingham on 6th December last year and thought he was excellent there, he must have just had a bit of a 'mare in Ibiza, maybe the heat got to him lol?! :lol: :confused:
PvD always rocks Cream~Amnesia. There's always lots of energy in the crowd, people are amped up all night -- and when he's really getting down & dirty he cools us off with that killer dry ice machine.
i saw tiesto in the last week of july at amnesia and his set was very average, tall paul and guy ornadel showed him up......
Tiesto overrated? Never! lol :lol: PVD is quality though and has been proven for a number of years now.
All of my days and nights were fabulous, but I really enjoyed Sasha and Sander Kleinenberg at Space when I was there in August 2001. :D
Can I expect a range of different types of dance music at a club, or do they only hire one DJ or get one sound for the evening? like, if I go to Pacha one night, can I only expect to hear just house(or tance or techno...) or do they mix up the sound a bit?
you'll only tend to house djs if you went to a house night, or if you went to a trance night you would only hear trance djs etc....