what genre of music does everybody like!!!!!

dirty funky house
vocal house
some techno
chill out
Anything except Hard House and Trance. I liked it (and still have a lot in my collection) many years ago before it became saturated and commercially popular.

got to be

old skool from 89 to 95.( happy hardcore, dnb, jungle )
vocal house
tech house
chill out ( ibiza style )
garage the stuff thats starting to sound like d&b of old ( dj hype ) stuff.
This past 2 years....I've been mostly listening to.......Funky house...

Also love old skool, mid nineties house and a spot of rap now and again. Post Ibiza, i've been listening to more and more chill out. I find it stokes up more memories than any other genre.
Most prefered nowdays:
Deep House (baleric groovy jazzy downtempo)
Funky house
Disco House
French House
Hard House
Electro/80's House
Pumping Techno
Minimal Techno

Less prefered nowdays:
Progressive House
Club Trance
Psy Trance
Breaks (any kind)
I listen to all types of music from rock to some rap but my true love is HOUSE music :D :D

Many of the posts above have listed numerous different types of house music and I'm not sure I know all the technical terms :rolleyes: ... As long as my feet are moving its good house to me. :D :D 8)
I'm absolutely astonished by the depth and range of 'music' styles everybody likes. it covers the whole wide gamut of one kind of house music to another kind of house music. no wonder ibiza is renowned for its ground breaking musical ethos - the same old shite every night for 10 weeks and then we go home. viva promoters, viva dj's, viva clubs, viva the avante gard, or not, as the case may be!
i'm bored and i'm off to bed....
My fav...Chillout...there's nothing like a chill beat with soothing substance on top
Any Classic from whatever genre that hits me with a sweet vibe.
Deep House