what does the entrance cost?



Hello everybody,
maybe i'm going to ibiza this summer, and i ask myself what are normal entrance prices in clubs (like space/amnesia/pacha/borabora).

Is it true that 70€ is a normal price? Or does it depend from night to night.

Also one other question: where do they play the best trancemusic?

greet clubbers!!!

it depends on the time of year, i normally go at the end of july start of august and the tickets are expensive. If you pay on the door most clubs are around 50 euros, if you get a ticket beforehand, i.e. in the bars, it may cost anything from 30 euros.....

july and september are generally a little bit cheaper...

The best trance night is Cream @ Amnesia, not really my thing but I still enjoyed it. The entrance fee in early September was 38 Euros. A bottle of beer was 8 euros and water was 6 euros.
I don't really know about the other trance nights, but as cream is generally regarded to be the best, that's the one I went to.

Regardless of the venues, cream and godskitchen were the best places to hear trance....

cream had tiesto and pvd as resident, with guests like tall paul, guy ornadel, and nthis was best suited to amnesia..

Godskitchen had armin van burren, fergie etc.... and this was unfourtunatelyt held at eden in san an, which to be honest is not a great venue...
All I gotta say is bring your bankroll around August and the beginning to mid September. Out on the patio at Pacha, I had a coke and it was 8 dollars!!! Earlier in the month it was $15!!!!! What a joke, it was all ice too in a tiny cylindrical glass. To see Eric Morillo that night was 45 or 50 bucks too. Its all so worth it though. I say if you're going to do Ibiza DO IT RIGHT and don't worry about cash while you're there. :)
It also depends whether or not you class Oakey as trance.Some people do, but I don't. It's the same with Sasha. If these 2 are trance well then I love trance and they will be your best nights.
Also I agree with Pacha Girl, if your going, do it right and then worry about it when you get home. Pacha in September was 12euro for a beer, 8 for a water (a glass bottle with about half as much water as the plastic ones), but you take a pocket full of cash and worry about it later.