What do you think about "Tall Paul"



Hi Nightout here.

Just wondering whether you enjoy the sounds he the guy plays.
I think he's supurb. I mean, he's selection of sounds are all in line, if you know what i mean.

Can't wait for his new CD...
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Used to really like him when he played bouncey housey stuff, not heard him for a couple of years so don't know what he's doing these days.
A bit nearer to trance than I like, but a top, down-to-earth chap.

Watch out for Digital Fidget - a band he manages.
I Like tall paul.

Everytime i have seen him play he always impresses me. He was better than tiesto this summer.
The Tall one can be found playing regualrly At the Gallery in Turnmills at least once a month...

He plays mainly Progressive and Trance... seen him a few times and never disappoints.


There is a huge (the word is probably an understatement) difference between the Tall Paul of CDs and the Tall Paul of live performances. I have a few of his records, and I have seen him live in LA (once), SD (twice) and IBZ (once). His records portray him as a DJ that plays House (funky - semi-hard) stuff 8) .

However, his live performances are almost 180 degrees apart :eek: . It is definitely hard house - trance. Last weekend, I got an autographed CD from him (won a contest on his website :D ) that was recorded at the Gallery on Oct-31-03. While it was totally different from his releases (Duty Free 1&2, Live In Miami, LA, etc.), it was along the lines of his live performances.


I really rate the guy. Seen him loads of times and he always does the buisness. He is very tall though.
File under USED TO BE GOOD

his essential mix from a few years ago was excellent, proper built set mood-wise and threw in a few movie samples!

too trancey/hard house now for me