What do you always buy for going to Ibiza


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I had a pair of river island white sunglasses which lasted over 8 years best £20 I spent. They broke on holiday in the sea earlier this year, gutted!


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5-HTP has been doing the business for me for the past few seasons. I can't recommend the stuff enough!

Ditto ;). It's also good to help sleep if taken before bed. Although only supposed to do a week or 2 max on it then have a break. Otherwise body adjusts to it.

Glycine is also good before bed to help sleep. Buy the bulk powders bags of it (Not sure what customs would make of it though lol), cheaper than capsules. Plus it's also used by body for connective tissue and the like so good if do weights etc. Most people don't get enough of it in diet as we don't eat grissly meat as much these days. It's sweet too so tastes like sugar.

Light kaolin and calcium carbonate tablets also:

Ear protection is important too.

A vest saying is ibiza ready for me.

I don't bother buying condoms... just take the same 3 each year and bring them back :oops: