WHAT DO U THINK???????????????


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Lee Burridge @ Studio Martin(Bucharest/Romania), 21.02.2003
John Digweed@ Studio Martin(Bucharest/Romania), 30.04.2003
Saeed & Palash @ Club Space, (Bucharest/Romania), 22.02.2003
James Zabiela @ Club Space (Bucharest/Romania), 28.02.2003
Tom Stephan (Superchumbo) @ Club Space (Bucharest/Romania), 01.03
Lucien Foort@ Club Space (Bucharest/Romania), 05.04.2003
Corvin Dalek @Club Zambara, (Bucharest/Romania), 22.02.2003
Danny Rampling @ The Mission (Bucharest/Romania), 19.04.2003
Nick Warren@ The Mission (Bucharest/Romania), 26.04.2003
What do u think :?: Am I lucky or what :?:
And..I mostly saw all of them but there are some of them that I did never see... :confused:
Can u help a bit :?: What's ur idea about them :?: Which kind of music are they playing :?: Who's the best :?: (For me is JOHN DIGWEED :!: )
Thanx...Cheers :!: :!: :!:
hehe....lucky guy....but check this out:
we'll have Lee Burridge in March and John Digweed in April (after he missed his set last Dez with X-press 2 because of illness) @ Club Q Zurich (by the way, when did you plan to come to ZRH?)
I really dont know Lele
I hope to come but I have to go to army for a month ....It's really bad but I have to...so I'll see what can I do..Untill when u can ski in there??If I come and of april is it ok??
as I'm not so much into skiing i can't answer you this question, but I think you can also skiing in March and April , but you would have to go much higher in the mountains... it depends...
just on a pure anorack note, can i add how glad i am that james zebila is finally doing well..... remember him on a local radio station in southampton, where he was kind of in charge of their dance music output.... Have never met a DJ before or after who was so talented without seeking any form of stardom..... Totally the nicest guy in the world...... (well, for a dj anyway)...... great stuff to see him getting recognition for his work...