what do people think of kiss 100 fm these days



is it still true to the music or has it sold out?

i do like bam bam and street boy, but their music policy seems to have gone a bit way wood.

you thoughts?
bam bam breakfast show is truly an amazing piece of radio.... I know we're spoilt for choice in London, but Bamster always seems to pull off one amazing show every day........ Plus he's quite innovative and funny too, things like "putting the show on hold", and the "public service announements" make his breakfast show the best London breakfast around........ Although Tarrant needs respect for getting three timechecks into a 45 second link!!!

Kiss is essentially emap's "dance and cool" station, which in terms of their company strategy is a "flagship" station..... and condsidering what chrysalis have done the galaxy network, Kiss absolutely creams them..... Kiss has amazing budgets to buy in top djs and shows, and to be honest, I feel sorry for peeps who have to suffer EMAP's dross and droll elsewhere in the UK......

Knock it if you like, but kiss is a valuable part of today's dance music culture - it drives opinion and music taste..... And even though it may be more commercial now than ever before lets's enjoy it for what it is, a blooming good "urban and dance" radio station..... Keep tapping those feet!