What Club Nights have which music?



Going to Ibiza in 3 weeks and me and my mates wantto know what types of music is played on what nights at which clubs. I personally dont mind any type of dance trance, house, but some of my mates perfer funky house and less hardcore stuff, please could someone tell me?
less hard house is more Pacha / eldavino clubs
hard is amnesia
space is an alrounder i believe (haven' been YET)

esparadis, you can catch some rnb and 80's i believe

give them all a go ;)
Pacha do many funky house nights
As do El devinio
Space is funky on the terrace
Pin up has funky nights too
amnesia is more hard as is privelige on a few nights although there are a few funky nights at privelige.
eden seems to be trancey
es paradis god knows.