What beaches are MUST visits?


I am staying in Playa D'en Bossa (Probably Hard Rock.. or... don't know.. suggestions?)

Anyways... I am a beach feen and want to hit up the EPIC beautiful must see beaches.. the cool ones.. the low key only locals ones.. anyone... I'm there for 6 nights. I am going to probably hit a night club every night and want to explore and hit up some epic beaches during the day... What beaches do you recommend and whats the best and most inexpensive way to navigate to and from them?


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If you are out clubbing every night, its gonna be harder to reach the more far flung beaches around the island. Locally i would head to Salinas, Sa Caleta and Cala D'Hort (for the purpose of visiting Es Vedra for sunset). Since you are in PDB i would also recommend getting an early boat to Formentera and hiring a bike and visiting Ses Illetes (or for a quieter vibe Cala Saona).

I would also say Benirras is a must see beach. The busiest day/evening is obviously a Sunday when it is literally packed, think sardines in a can, but i would prefer to hit it up any other night. You can get there by bus in peak months, otherwise a car would be recomended.

If you have a car and plan on clubbing sober then the whole island is your oyster.


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Ps. Theres a bus runs to Salinas, think you'd need to get a taxi to Cala D'Hort or Sa Caleta though. Find some other people willing to go with you and share the cost.

Or walk.


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some nice choices jimmiz, but all of them are miles away from d'en bossa. simon, you are going to have to catch a bus to visit the best local beaches near d'en bossa. las salinas and sa caleta are the most beautiful nearby. buses run locally from near bossa (head up beyond the main roundabout, over the motorway and walk into sant jordi) to salinas and to sa caleta. don't quote me on the bus situation, that is a guestimate. i know we have full bus information in our site. and there it is ;)



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If you planned to hit one at a time id say at least 50 euros e/w in a taxi. Probably a lot more. And not exactly easy to get a taxi to come pick you up at a remote beach. Its not really worth it. Be better to hire a car and maybe hit a club 3 times instead of 6, plan in some r&r. You'll likely burn out and not end up enjoying it. Trying to cram EVERYTHING into 6 days/nights is a recipe for disaster i think. Byt if you must do that, much better to stay local and enjoy the rest of the island next time you come back.
Cala Salada, Gracioneta, Benirras, Xucla, Cala d'en Serra, Mastella, Calo d'es Moltons, Cala Boix...

JIMMIZ! THANK YOU. Haha... you really did it well too. You started with the most beautiful and worked your way down the list... as well as distance.

I just Google maps everything and checked distance and organized everything. See below. Hahhaa.

Cala Salada (12.8 miles, 25 mins) (NE Near San Antoni Port)
Gracioneta (Right under Cala Salada) (NE, Near San Antoni Port) (14.3 miles 23 min)
Cala Benirras Beach - North East of Island (19.6 miles, 34 mins)
Cala Xuclar - NE of Island near Prtinatx, NE of Benirras. (20.2 miles, 31 mins)
Cala d’en Serra - NE near Portinatx (21.5 miles, 40 mins)

I also have this list below... Should I add or remove any of the above with any of the below?

Cala bassa beach club
Calo Des Mort

Thanks guys. I am a beach feen. Professional skimboarder 12+ years .. so the beach is my life.
I want to go to the beaches during the day then go party at the clubs at night. 6 nights there.
Just noticed Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta are VERY close to eachother... are they the same beach? Seem a little different but hard to tell.


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las salinas & formentera is a must after u finish ur parties -- try going there the last 2-3 days of ur trip for relaxing & detoxation


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See Salinas beach is best beach.

Too many sexy topless girls. Far too many!

Cala bassa is not bad but it's too far from bossa