What bars to go to


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Ive been to Ibiza last year...spent alotta time in the west end where mostly everyone was sloppy drunk...defintiely didnt mind that at all...but i wanted to know some nice spots to go like in Ibiza town...ive heard rock bar, underground (Tongy spoke of that today on his show...where is it and whats it like)...KM5..etc...someone give me a good spot and tell me what the atmospheres like
Hi joe
There is tons of bars in Ibiza town all in a small area nr the castle
Rock bar is on the port side along with Base the Delfin Zoo bar Pacha Bar and lots others if you venture further into the cobbled street there is many other bars too. There is also the Dome bar which is an interesting place to go and has a bit of a gay following.
Its a bit more cosmopolitan in ibiza town and not everyone is english, there is many spanish, italian, american, dutch and German people there.
Most bars there play house music either with a dj or just on a cd.
Underground is nr Privelige in the middle of the island.
Dunno if I just went at the wrong time, but Rock and Base didn't really do anything for me. The music was pretty good, but there was no space to move, the drinks were a rip-off and the crowd werea bit frosty.

Give me Bora Bora any day (or somewhere where you can at least watch the sunset)
Rock bar is still busy and small so hard to move
The old base is still open and will probably get busy
The new base has opened up the road from the old base and has a larger terrace with a larger inside and decent toilets that actually work and you don't have to treck up flights of stairs to get there.
I didn't realise a new Base bar had opened up. If it has more space, I will probably give it a go.

I just remember going last season after hearing so much about it and The Rock and thinking what the big deal about it was.
IMO the best bars are the old ibicenco bars, mostly of them in 70' ies design,....very cheap, very noisy, very stinky (because of the black tabbaco),....and they serve you drinks the old way,... :D FULL GLASS,...or a bacardi with a few drops of cola, hi, hi,... 8) 8) 8)
Yeah i'd recomend having a wander up the cobbled streets as you can find some interesting places around the castle.
I don't know any names of places up there as they don't have big neon signs advertising the bar.
dfunky said:
Yeah i'd recomend having a wander up the cobbled streets as you can find some interesting places around the castle.
I don't know any names of places up there as they don't have big neon signs advertising the bar.

i see you are an insider ;)
I'm not sure what an insider is i must admit i like to have a wander about wherever i am, I get it off my dad when he is travelling or on holiday he likes to explore and find new things that no-one knows about.
One time in kenya my dad decided to take us on his own little jungle treck, needless to say we got lost but luckily we bumped into a Masai tribesman who was in his warrior dress. At first we all crapped our selves until he spoke english and told us that the road to mombassa was about 400 yards away and he would take us back. It turned out he was on his way to the bank LOL.
I am crap with names of places though i always forget what places are called and end up having to describe them.
I enjoy both touristy places and untouristy places as long as i meet nice interesting people. I'd say most touristy places are pretty same old though which can be good or bad.
:D in ibicenco bars they only speak catalan - this I love!!.....and the stupid tuorists dont like these bars, cause they dont look fancy from outside, but in those places you have the mooooooooooooooost fun!!! ;) ;) ;)
I don't mind where i go as long as i get to meet interesting people who are good to talk to and are friendly. I find that not british people are more interesting probably because the english seem to talk about things like the telly back home or the same old stuff you talk about all the time back home. While i was in Ibiza i met and spoke to about 10 english people outside the hotel. These were Barbie and Tom and the two dj's from Izit Dance and a girl i know who is the manager of Miss Selfridges in Manchester ( although she is actually irish ) and Also a some people who were sat nr us eating at kumhares. I also cahtted to a few promotors who were english. Even at the hotel everyone thought we were anything from spanish to german and dutch. it was only after the first week that people realised we were english as we order drinks and food e.t.c in spanish.
We did get chatting to some italian and german guys at the hotel as i speak a bit of german and my Gf speaks Italian quite well and we went out on a few nights with them.
We also got to know many french Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and American people at places like Bora Bora and around Ibiza town.
I would soon get bored of being around english people all the time on holiday which is one reason that i like to go away on holiday a lot to meet new people e.t.c
I see it every time in ibiza - if you speak a few words of spanish, you will find a place in there corazon(excuse me for the spelling ;) )!!