What Are You Listening To Right Now??


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Came for the G-Prod remix, staying for the whole album.

edit: Baffled this is supported by only 6 persons of which 2 artists involved in the remixes. Each track on this release is superb if you're into melodic high energy stuff. Catch of the day.
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Sandra Collins... trance that's old. But none of it's all that old if you think on it... It's been what? twenty-five years since first was popularized the music?

CDs haven't been around that long - at least not geologically speaking. ;)

But plenty has happened and changed since the advent of "Trance" music.

Here's an album that came out after the dawn of CDs, after the advent of trance, and after the year 2000... It's Tranceport. "Tranceport 3" to be more precise. The first one featured none other than Paul Oakenfold, who if you didn't know is English! :)

Without further adieu, here's Sandra Collins!