What Are You Listening To Right Now??


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I often find it hard to describe what genre of dance music I like but I feel like Paramida's monthly rinseFM show was specifically made for me.
f***ing love it


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That final track is definitely one of my favourite Moby's. Fun fact: it got some airplay as X-Files soundtrack.

A lot of of his ambient work is truly outstanding.
The ambient release of 'Wait For Me' for instance surpassed the original release imo: https://www.discogs.com/Moby-Wait-For-Me-Ambient/release/1998008

Or this hidden gem which was some kind of bonus track on Last Night:
You probably don't know, but I'm a Moby aficianado. :cool:

My favorite? Moby Songs - the compilation... But I really like Hymn and God Moving Over the Face of the Waters. Also, Run On is good. And now, even Southside is good; though I used to dislike it.

Also, Everything Is Wrong. :)



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There's something perfect about this - not this song, but this. Ibiza, and all that we've all shared.

The level of commitment those on this forum have undertaken to make this possible, the love between friends, the romance, and the spirit and sheer devotion that went into the production; the blood sweat and tears in this music.

All of it brings sheer joy, and I wanted to say something about that: