What Are You Listening To Right Now??


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There it is again! ^^^ "Breakbeat". We used to call this genre "happycore" for short, but never breakbeat!

This is my fav breakbeat song right now:

It's old, but I like it just because. I used to distrust breakbeat & think it was harder to dance to than trance or house.


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Mrs and her mate have taken god knows what in the kitchen and are playing covers they think are better than the originals.im a. massive Dinosaur Jr fan so this is rather excellent
Any excuse to post this..
And while we are on a dinosaur Jr buzz. This song means so much to me and my lady.. I was an old romantic who made mix tape for my now life partner but then just a friend and then girlfriend..she had a banged up old fiesta with just a tape deck.. this was on repeat.. from j Mascis and the fog...
Live at some collage..oh yeah the best guitarist of our generation
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