What Are You Listening To Right Now??

Kim Wrong Un

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here's a little thing I put together for the hire car. will probably never get heard but I think it sounds alright. mostly in the 110-112 range. H fans will enjoy.


gatto fritto - invisible college
coober pedy university band - moon plain
superpitcher - hiding
rune lindbaek & chris coco - weekend billionaires
rocha - hands of love (gatto fritto's menorcan nightmare version)
karma - beach towel (i:cube mix)
marbeya sound - salmons take
the grid & robert fripp - a cabala sky
maze - twilight
superbreak - that loving feeling
ned doheny - labor of love
m - pop muzik (terje mix)

Kim Wrong Un

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it's one of only a handful of records I've heard in recent years that have totally floored a room, where grown men were having musical orgasms and where everyone was asking everyone else "what the hell is this?" I can't remember if it was Tim Sweeney, Rocky or Kristiaan Ame who got there first but basically everybody was down to Phonica first thing in the morning. I was heavily trolling Pete Tong's forum at the time and repeatedly asking why he hadn't played it on his show (this was when he was massively championing Axwell and ATFC and stuff). He eventually caught up about 2 months later and played a snippet right at the end.