What Are You Listening To Right Now??

Kim Wrong Un

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oh yeah 'electronic battle weapon 7' - no nonsense banger - remember erol alkan dropping that in one of the bestival tents and the whole place going nuts

'surface to air' as well - end of night festie anthem

'nude night' for the clubs - massive fabric tune BITD

and going way back I remember a lot of DJs mixing in 'chemical beats' - a real fun track that worked so well with daft punk, sneak and the heavy filter funk sound around that time


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Will give this a listen later, that Best Work Records podcast you posted earlier is excellent. Was on non-stop last weekend in the sun.
Yeah our little town is known as the Chicago of Ireland... Quality HOUSE music coming from here for years now and these lads are only 19-20 yrs old.. we never followed fads like all big Cities have to do because somewhere else says it's cool... ?