What are you listening to right now

Akufen. The man is a genius (although I'd be very surprised if he even came to Ibiza)
Essential Selection on Radio 1...live in the net...Trainspotter just ended..here comes the hotmix...i usually get a shout...so if u hear joe from new york city its me
whats the link to listen to radio 1????

the bloke
Forgot all about listening to the essential mix online - I've trying for ages to get rid of annoying hiss on stereo :( Doh!

Does anyone have any suggestions of what program to use for recording streaming audio from the net???
There is a way but I cant think. Your other option is to spend a fiver on an audio lead and plug your hifi into your computer! :D Turn it up and record it on tape as well... you remember tapes?... that old recording medium that most people used to live by not so long back?
i'm totally different from the rest of ya.

Ja Rule - Life Aint A Game