What are the weirdest things you have ever seen in Ibiza?


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one night last year I spent 15 minutes outside Eden trying to convince a fella from Dublin that he wasn't in bray in co. Wicklow in Ireland where he thought he was trying to get a taxi home but in San Antonio until I realised he had an Ibiza rocks hotel band on and walked him there to get to his room. The gear must have been pretty good that night!
Mate I’m not even messing this could have been me ???


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Chepeibz was a strange person.. remember that couch. Lol..
Weirdo at his max, dont know wot was his drug
keeping on telling me, "don't stay too close to me" i dont want people thinking we r gays n so on ?...
i ve borrowed him some money even i was saying, No more borowin after some french screw me 100€/150€ ibz 12..
i lost 12€ because of tax when u get a cheque from another country (canada)
1 spotlight (don't have the will to ask twice my money back ) still owe me 20€ from opening 18, better late than never, honey but those 20€ could help some friend that struggle to pay the rent...

Even if u lose ur wallet/get pickpocketed, dont stand by me for 1€ loan :lol:


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Not the weirdest thing but one that put my holiday to an end in 2012. We had a night out on the West End and we ended up on the old pills and us all losing each other. I made my way to Tropi (Trance bar) as that was the last place we were together, no luck in finding them I went to leave the bar and saw a group of lads outside. I still to this day have no recollection of what happened, but the next thing I know I have a girl telling me not to get up and that an ambulance is on the way. The next thing I know I’m in a medical centre in San An in the early hours (I think it was near the bus station) with the back of my head stapled together after being bottled in the back of the head.

I went back to Tropi the following day to try and say thanks to the girl but it wasn’t open and nobody about. Not only did she call me an ambulance but I was told by one of the staff at the medical centre that she went in the ambulance to the centre with me to make sure I was ok. The only reason I’ve posted this is on the odd chance you happen to be on here and remember this. If so then thank you.

P.s. Anyone reading this and heading over for the first time, ibiza is an unbelievable place but make sure you stick with someone you’ve gone out there with. :)