What are the best restaurants on the island?


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I'm sure someone had this topic but i did searches and couldn't find any. Anywayz, i want ppl's opinions on the best places to eat on Ibiza... from seafood, steak, pizza, ice cream, real spanish food, all of it. Also, a little on how much the restaurants are would be sweet. I know there's a restaurant guide on Ibiza Spotlight, but i want to hear what you people have to say about this. I'm leaving in 8 days for Europe and would like to get as much info as possible. Thanx in advance.
there are over 1500 bars and restaurants on ibiza.
you will find whatever your stomach desires here. you will pay a lot of money or very little. it depends where you go.
my tip of the week
"follow your nose"

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I found a really nice pizza resturant, quite near to Cafe Del Mar and Mambo called David's Pizzeria. They do proper Italian style pizza and pasta and you can get a 3 course meal for 9 euros plus a free drink!
Look at the places in the resort guides - you don't have to eat there necessarily, but the map references will give you anidea of where to head.
i know opinions on food are fairly subjectively formed but the following two restaurants are almost universally accepted as the best of their type in ibiza.
sa capella - in san antonio (best in general)
rias baixas - in san antonio (best seafood - they are galician after all)

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bhambudda grove
i think it's called l'elephant. v nice but quite pricey. nice for a special occasion. it's on the way from ibiza town to san antoni, before you get to amnessia, same side of the road, got loads of plants and trees you can see from behind a wall
i'm afraid my opinion of the elephant is not as glowing as yours. when i pay as much as they charge for my food i expect to be seated where i am more intimate with my dining partner than my neighbour. if you like dining in charter flight conditions then go there - i won't go again!

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sorry to hear that biff.
the night me & mrs rustywoo went it was really quiet so no problemo. can understand how it can get rammed though :p