what about space from 23/09 to 29/09



I've find an offer to go to Ibiza the week 22/09 to 29/09, the problem is that all space closing parties are the week from 15/09 to 21/09..
so i suppose that the week that i want to go to Ibiza, space will be open
only on sunday 29 in Space closing party

can anybody confirm me if that is true?

space will be opened only on sunday 29/09?

i think that if space is closed half of ibiza is closed...
For that week, 22nd - 29th September, Manumission closes on the Monday night and that means that the Carry on at Space is on the Tuesday morning. Also the Space Closing is on the 29th which is probably the best closing for any of the nights at Space.
To say that the island will be dead because there are very few Space closings that week is rubbish. The island will be quite busy that week without being overcrowded. Ive been on the island for this week for the last two years and it is a great week to go.
You also have several good closing nights at pacha that week.
how long is space closing party?

how long is space closing party?
is like "we love..." 22 hours?
where can i find info? i've founded something in this web but i need more..
i don't find info about this party there...
sorry robo, thx for the info