What about Kiss in Playa d'En Bossà?


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I'd like to know a little more about that club called Kiss. I heard that it has 2 dance floors, one for techno and the other one for music from the 70s till nowadays.

Is that a good club? What is the best night to go there?


I heard it's a bit cheesy so I never ventured there, others may have a different opinion.


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I went one time to Kiss, 2 years ago.

Kiss is a cheesy club with cheesy music. Style: ymca, "commercial" house tunes, ...

Definitly not my thing.


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i can confirm this. kiss is like garbi (it reminded me of some village-discotheques here in germany.

there was also this irish-pub in playa d´en bossa. ok, it´s tiny and cosy. but i ask myself why the hell people go to ibiza and then viisit the IRISH PUB??? i mean, there are irish pubs everywhere, and i think once you´re in ibiza there are other "new" nightlife-experiences you can go for.
same with kiss.


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ok, I'll note it down and will not come close to Kiss.

And yes, Irish pubs are everywhere, and they're a good choice if you want to take some beers and chat with friends when you're in your city, but I don't think anyone will travel to Ibiza 'cause he misses going to an Irish pub. ;)