We're sorry, but due to popular demand...


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I've just heard a superb mix of a classic drum and bass track (dont know the name) with the following lyrics spoken by an air stewardess (supposedly!)

'We're sorry, but due to popular demand, this flight will have to return to ibiza....We are sorry for any inconvenience caused' :eek: :D 8)

If only...

Have a listen at http://www.thefreshpage.com/breaks.html Its the mix called 'if its broke, dont fix it' and the particular track is about 25-26 mins in.

Let me know if you've heard it before and what its called.
ohh THAT track, its like 3-4 years old and she said:
"We´re sorry. But due to popular demand this flight will now have to return to Ibiza....we´re sorry for any inconvenience caused...."

and then some blonde big babsed bimbo on the cover, personally I didnt like it....... :evil:

can´t remember the name of the project.....tho......
it was a very cheesy track and only got a little attention cuz of the word "ibiza" mentioned, and ohhh! those boobs on the cover (omg!)