Well I presume

I can finally answer this thread WOOOHOOOO!

Just finished my exams :D so this is going to be a big weekend for me!

Tonight - drinks in London Fields with friends

Sat - meeting up with a friend for a girly lunch in the sunshine 8) Must try and not get too smashed though as hitting Shoreditch in the evening with the crew, probably heading to the new T-Bar first then who knows!

Sunday - depending on Saturday night, maybe Secret Sundaze at THAT club.

Monday - rest, fry-ups, might have to go back to Watford for a family meal but will try and get out of that one :evil::lol:

Tuesday - diet / fitness regime starts for the summer :eek:
Tonight no plans as such, leaving work early though to go get my jabs for holiday, cant wait to get in that sunshine!

Tomorrow, more then likely heading to the zoo for our friends b.day, she is a zoo nut so we have left the choice up to her :p was meant to be going camping with them but that plan fell through.

Sunday no plans as of yet

Monday no plans as of yet

Just hope the sun keeps shining as that will do me fine :p
Think SS is on Ministry forcourt this sunday?

Correct. THAT club has ATFC and Jonathan Ullseyes I believe.

Tonight - in with kids, missus out, kids up late, burgers, chips and cartoons!

Tomorrow - shopping then local village fair whoopee. Be ok, couple of pear ciders in the sun etc, kids can run around wear themselves out. Evening, usual Saturday TV.

Sunday - take kids swimming, lunch somewhere, watch the climax of a pretty decent football season, then let the chaos begin T BAR, Fuse and possibly Mulletover.

Monday - Betty Ford clinic once the kids have finished jumping on my feeble body and tickling my size 10s hanging out the end of the bed! Eventually go get something to eat, something greasy and rank probably, fantastic.
My weekend is set to ROCK

Friday - Art gallery opening. Pre-party drinks/food with friends. Possibly stop by parties at Wall Street Bar or Soho Rooms early part of the night. Then race over to Arma for Renaissance with Hernan Cattaneo :D :D :D :D

Saturday - Probably a lazy afternoon at home. Go see my friends band, French Whore Named Babette, play at a bar called Bourbon Street. Possible early night swing by the club C.A.O. for a party a friend is hosting (DJs with live percussion). Then back over to Arma for Cocoon with SiS, SCSI-9, Matt Star, D Diggler, et. al.

Sunday - Drag my ailing body to this new New York-style weekly brunch my friends are organizing at KitchKock. Then to SportLand to watch Chelsea send Sunderland back down to the Championship!
Fri - Garnier at Matter.

Sat - Potential gatecrash of stag do

Sun - Brighton for some secret Fringe thing at Madame Geishas
Fri - quiet evening dinner with friends.

Saturday - Paint, garden, then run a half marathon ( :spank: in the stinkin heat ) then evening quiet dinner with a bottle and a some Sopranos.

Sunday - Beach day with littl'un 8) a nice and relaxed day 8)
Being all contrary here after the excesses of last week and being super healthy.

Have the following non toxic activities planned:

* Trip to Kew Gardens
* Facial in Covent Garden (it was a birthday present :lol:)
* Session in a floatation tank in London Bridge (faddy stuff for busy city boys involving floating around to the tune of dolphins :lol:)
* Yoga classes
* Picnic in London fields

Will be super smug by Tuesday ready for impending DOOM and destruction the following Friday in Berlin. :D
ooooh where to start, where to start.....

Tonight is a gentle chill out before the mania of this weekend.

Need to go get some new trainers for running - my ankles are killing me as there is nothing left of my old trainers to stop the impact.
Gardening - more plants to move / plant
Fat Boy Slim at Shindig - not my plan but taking a couple of mates along - will prob only stay an hour or so ....

Sun: Evolution Festival http://www.evolutionfestival.co.uk/- then home to watch the matches to find out which unlucky 1 or 2 NE teams get relegated. Newcastle is going to be like the OK corral if one goes down and the other stays up. :?:?:confused:
Back into town for Block Party at Stereo again, then a wander down to Evolution for some 80's nostalgia and watch Human League then back up to Stereo for more dance related minxy behaviour.

Mon: Evolution again for more minxy behaviour all day in the sun.8)

Tue: die/recovery
Saturday: Plymouth VW Festival, taking the new beetle for a run with Mini Jam I

Sunday: Monaco GP & the decline of North Eastern football

Sunday night: Party at a friends, with mixing and sillyness.

Monday: ?

Nope - but the hotel isn't built yet! :rolleyes::lol:

I have a cunning plan though...

Will be in touch ;)

building it yourself then eh?? :lol::lol::lol:

We spent last weekend in Liverpool doing non-family stuff for one whoe day and we went into town - its feckkin amazing - so much money spent on regen and its just so cool...... loved it!!!!

PS Avoid anything from 28th June - 12th July - got the folks over from Cyprus staying.....
Tonight - stay in .

Tomorrow - stay in.

Sunday - working

Monday - working.

I'm moving in to a new flat on the 1st so best if I save a bit.

Also , I'm walking the West Highland Way in 3 weeks time so no alcohol etc until after it's finished.

Plan is not to go out until 27th June. :eek:
Tonight - staying in, planning for a big day of DIY tomorrow: Painting the stairs and bought some gorgeous golden paint for a couple of walls (inside the house, luckily for the neighbours that is LOL)- it'll be STUNNING!:eek:

Tomorrow - also a big night but WILL be going out in Amsterdam *LOVE*LOVE*LOVE* with bf and a couple of good mates!Cheers!