welcome grego as new mod


Staff member
hi all,

we are really pleased to welcome grego, who will be joining the team as a mod in all forums.

he is a long-standing member of the board, always contributes and is a fantastic source of local knowledge since moving to sant jordi.

welcome grego!
Wellcome Grego !! Please be harsh on LFC bashers mate ;)

Excuse my ignorance (plus i had been away a while) but what happened to DR Mick and Sil, they werent banned were they :?: :lol:
now grego remember......with great power come's great responsibilty etc etc!! ;)

any ideas with whom you will be popping your "banning" cherry?? :lol:
i think james' post was for info, not asking you to send a card around the office and have a whip round.:lol: