Weekend Rundowns!

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Bit late in the day, however i'll start it off!

Did way too much & suffering now!
Friday, went with my flatmate to meet a client of his in the Malmaison for drinks, then went to Fabric! Music venue & crowd were nothing better than average!
Saturday, the big 1, had a friend staying, then went to Ministry for Toolroom Knights! What an amazing night, road block, complete sell out! Bar was rocking Dinsdale & Bart B More were hot! Main room was superb, Benazzi's mucic could be described as noisy, Spoon was excellent, Mark Knight absolutely smashed it, the crowd was well up for it with a great vibe!
Fell out of there at 715, the bar was still going too!
Cracking night! Felt very ropey yesterday!
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Friday - Went to a $h1t club in Soho with a few good friends to celebrate a birthday and had a riot...lots of fun.

Saturday - ended up in some dodgy fetish club :lol: (alternative nights, dodgy squat parties and disco one offs seem to be order of the day at the mo.)

Sunday - Slept for ages and had a big old tidy up.
friday - went to plastics for first time in aaages; move d played some nice tunes, incl a boss remix of roy davis jnr 'gabriel'. Rammed. A total sweaty cauldron in there. Wicked crowd though. Still wipes the floor with any other club in London right now.

saturday - brixton runnings - tempted by ashley beedle at the dex but stayed downstairs. Caught up with my south london crew. Then rah rah rah all down the dogstar. Oh dear - that used to be such an ace club but the DJs were brutally exposed as terrible selectors who had evidently never mixed in their lives - it's a disturbing trend in clubs that an increasing number of "DJs" are in fact chancers, hired on the cheap and without the prerequisite skills. Disappointing. I did however enjoy a bit of sly mischief with my flatmate's best friend which more than compensated for the pisspoor soundtrack.

sunday - made it home in time for the awful news from the Nou Camp. Scoured the papers. Downloaded 3 hours of Norwegian folktronica and binged for a bit. Slept and slept and slept.

that is all.
Friday - went to cinema with gal pal to see Confessions of a Shopaholic nice to catch up with her

Saturday - did nothing apart from a trip to Sainsburys. Stayed in and was cooked for on Sat night :lol:

Sunday - up to Arsenal for a stadium tour, present for boyfriend for vals day. Quite enjoyable. I was bored by the time we got to the museum though ;):lol:
I had a fantastic weekend but im paying for it today :spank:

Fri: No plans, just relaxed in front of the box.

Sat: Went to B'ham to see my Mom and Nan, lots of wedding talk etc etc.
Sat pm: Had friends over for dinner which turned into an allnighter. Got told off for being too noisy by the security office, bit of fruit fun :eek: and some snogging and groping. It's what the weekends are for really :lol:

Sun: Watched shameless and dozed on the sofa for a bit, took me the rest of the day to clear up :spank:. Had a KFC and then got into bed.

Roll on for round II this weekend :p
It was a sports based weekend and quite good fun actually.

Basketball on Friday - funny as - just to see the type of people who follow British Basketball - clocked a fit player for Everton Tigers so that was quite good. 8)

Sat - nothing too exciting to report - wine, DVD and chillaxing...

Sun - Ncle v Everton - aaaarrgghhh!! Frustrating as hell.... Nolan's tackle was a bit :eek:

Today I am in agony of walking up so many flights of stairs this weekend at the Arena and the footie ground - who needs the gym!!
Friday - went to cinema with gal pal to see Confessions of a Shopaholic nice to catch up with her

Saturday - did nothing apart from a trip to Sainsburys. Stayed in and was cooked for on Sat night :lol:

Sunday - up to Arsenal for a stadium tour, present for boyfriend for vals day. Quite enjoyable. I was bored by the time we got to the museum though ;):lol:

Did you visit the trophy room I hear it was empty:lol:
First time I have posted a weekend rundown, but had to share my Sat eve experience...

Went up to my parents' place in mountains to take kids skiing and to meet up with husband and friends from NYC who were over. Listened to the man mixing on Friday evening 8)

Gorgeous sunny day Saturday - swim and ski with boys. Saturday night was dragged out by some mates to a very well known club in the resort (dislike the place ALOT - has been stuck in the same tired groove since 1983 and is still hugely popular for some unknown reason !)... Shock and consternation when my man and I realised WHO who was in DJ booth playing some absolutely shocking cringeworthy pop tunes but Joan Ribas, of Global Radio and Somni (amongst the many many places he has rocked with some great house tunes)
The credit crunch must be biting really badly for him to be churning out such horrors to such a crowd... Had to leave after 30 mins as my ears were hurting and there was no way I could dance, which is the only good reason to go clubbing in my book...

Heavy snow Sunday so built snowman, sledged and had a slippery drive home.
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3-day weekend for us out here so did some major liver damage.

Friday - Met up with my crew at a middle eastern restaurant. Then headed over to a new club called Dukhless (Soulless). Turns out it is in the former home of the now-defunct techno club Plastilin. Was a bit lame so we all went to the opening of 8Club. Total contrast - great atmosphere, fun (if somewhat commercial) house and just an all around good time.

Saturday - Met up with my crew at a place serving molecular cuisine, Russian style. Interesting, especially when we got the bill of about 280 pounds for 3 people :eek: Turns out that, while the food was quite affordable and delicious, the drinks were exorbitantly priced. Half the bill was just vodka :lol: From there, we went to the opening of another new club, Gusatnikoff. Great house DJ from NYC playing the party, but lacking in atmosphere. From there we swung by Soho Rooms (strangely empty) and then to Krysha for after hours.

Sunday - Our gang all gathered at a mate's apartment for home-cooked Indian food. Really nice way to start the evening. From there, the missus & I went to the rock club Crisis Genre for one of the owners' birthday. I dropped her off home and headed to Arma17 for James Zabiela. That boy absolutely rocked the place 8)8)8) Grabbed some breakfast at Ogni on the way home.

Monday - Feel surprisingly well for the amount of booze I consumed over the weekend. Made a big pot of spicy Cajun crawfish etoufee.
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Friday at the rugby - Sale Sharks - good laugh actually & the corporate was a good feed, booze etc - then back to mine till all hours.

Saturday on couch.

Sunday couple of museums in Manc, saw the da vinci sketches. utterly underwelmed!
Friday - took my sister (and her husband) out to dinner for her birthday. Home nice and early/sober ahead of Sat.

Sat - return to competitve footy after 5 months injured. Lasted the 90 and didn't feel that bad. Won 4-2 too!8) Local beers for some mates' birthdays after.

Sunday - Bodyworlds at the O2 - 8)
Friday - carnage with the kids indoors. Always good fun. Far too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse though.

Saturday - More Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Nice day took kids over the park. Met a mate for a couple of beers watcghed Chelsea Villa. Lured him into joining me on a horse that was a dead cert, you know the rest. Home played with the kids. Evening few drinks at Liverpool St before heading down to Toolroom. Musically apart from Benassi pretty much spot on. Always good to catch up with Mr Cent and the crew.

Sunday - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Park. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Allo Allo. Nap. Roast. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Desert. Planet Terror. Jimi Hendrix Documentary. Super Ex Girlfriend.

Monday - Whoopee.
fir - went to watch notorious with a few mates and then chilled out ready for a heavy day saturday

sat- watched chelsea villa on the box then headed down to the liberty stadium for swansea v donaster, straight to the train station then for train to london. spent the night in fabric (audiofly/weatherall), hell of a night, audiofly were amazing....left there about 8am, then straight back to paddington for train back to swansea. thrown off train at cardiff due to problems on the track so paid a shockin 60 quid for taxi to complete rest of my journey....by this point i just wanted to get home.

sun- slept all afternoon, then watched lost and ross kemp..then back to bed

HAPPY DAYS!!!! all in all a cracking weekend!!
I can imagine that was the highlight of his trip, its been 5 years since they won something :lol:

reminds of that joke you'd always hear as a kid............"there was a robbery in the everton trophy room last night.......police are looking for two men with 40 square foot of blue carpet"