Weekend Rundowns


Another quiet Monday here on the board. Can't be arsed to get up in arms about the BNP! Let's speak of more fun things, like our weekends...

Thursday - Gogol Bordello concert! :D :D :D Great show as usual.

Friday - Met a departing expat banker friend for a quick drink (a victim of the economic crisis... going to try his luck in Qatar now!). Then met up with my crew at a new bar/cafe/club called KitchKock for some grub and drinks. Place got very lively as the DJ came on but not long after dinner we headed to the official opening of Escobar. As a pre-party bar, it was already emptying around 2 so we went to Krysha Mira for some killer progressive house. Danced until dawn.

Saturday - Late afetrnoon rise, early evening attended an art exhibit opening. Home to shed my suit and then me up with the boys at Galeria for drinks. Back to KitchKock for more pre-party drinks, then to Justo BD for a German DJ named Ben Mono. Not too impressed... left early and returned to our old haunt Fabrique for the first time in ages (sadly, it's gone way down hill). Ended up back at Krysha Mira for a couple of hours then to a new "clubbers' restaurant" called Andreas for breakfast.

Sunday - Woke up when it was already dark outside :lol: Made chicken with dumplings and mashed potatoes. Watched 'Burn After Reading' and 'Garden State'
has ya car arrived yet?
I'm told :)roll:) end of this week. Which means I probably won't be behind the wheel until next week by the time I sign papers, do a bank transfer, etc.

I had the smelliest taxi driver ever in the history of man on my way to work on Friday. Reinforced my decision to get my own wheels. Same effect this morning when navigating the icy pavement on the 2-block walk out to the main road to catch a taxi.
Did he smell like the £1 Iceland Chicken Lasange our receptionist nuked last week?
I don't know... did the lasagna smell like Kerry Katona's armpit after not bathing for a month despite sweating like a sow from heavy drug use?
I don't know... did the lasagna smell like Kerry Katona's armpit after not bathing for a month despite sweating like a sow from heavy drug use?

not far off! - in fact it took a day of open windows to clear, and given the fact we've had no heating cos the boiler packed up didn't endure her to everyone.
Fri - my little sis and her hubby came down to stay with us, food and lots of wine at home

Sat - they went to Westfield from 9am - 6pm :spank: I stayed at home and finished wrapping all our Christmas presents up and writing Christmas cards :oops: At night went to the fantastic Maxim for Chinese, then drinks in the pub

Sun - nice long dog walking and then to the pub for roasts before they headed back up north
Nothing, little girl was back in hospital Thursday with breathing trouble again so kept her in. Got out Friday evening. Ok now got take steroids and increase ashtma pump dosage. Not eating much and is very clingy can't leave the room without her crying poor little angel!

Saturday picked my boy who brightened her mood anyway. Pair of them were soon pulling hair and rolling around fighting over toys and who daddy was going to spin round next!! Took my boy for a walk round the park for some fresh air while Jessica slept just to give him a run out! Nothing Saturday evening just sat with the kids watched junk tv.

Sunday - done a fry up for everyone, watched plenty of cartoons, no ele-fun for some reason this weekend, watched Empire Strikes Back and bit of Darts final last night. Caught up on some Sky + action and started watching Balls of Fury last night before crashing!

24 Exile tonight!8)
Thursday, cant for the life of me remember!
Friday, got in a right ol mess, friends b day thrash at Beach blanket Babylon in Shorditch, many old faces, great giggle, ended up at 54 on Commercial St, got out of there about 430, trashed!!
Saturday, woke feeling shocking, then went to my Mums and took it very easy!
Friday: night infront of the tv, watched an interesting programme on BBC 3 about folk music :eek::lol:

Sat: Lie in & usual chores before heading back to brum to see Mom & my Nan & Grumps. Watched X-factor with wine & curry & had an early night as i was still feeling sorry for myself in my sick state.

Sun: Went into Cheltenham to have breakfast and do some shopping. Went to the pub in the afternoon for with some friends and their little girl for a late lunch & watched the christmas procession and light switch on.

Im feeling much better now so roll on this weekend for some naughtiness :spank:
Friday - night in with a curry and various TV assortments

Saturday - braved the shops for some Xmas shopping, got the small bits due to not being paid till Friday, got some nice wrapping paper in M&S of all places, all 3 for 2, I love a bargain :lol: so was pleased about that. Dinner at home with mum in evening then off to bfs for X Factor and I am a Celeb.

Sunday - food shopping with mum in morning (just to get out of the house) and then went for more shopping with the bf in the afternoon. Ended up treating myself to something I have wanted for ages in Debenhams, more of a purchase that will be more suitable when I get my own place but still, who can say no to 25% off :lol:

Get paid Friday so going to blitz the rest of the Xmas shopping, wrap it, then put my feet up for a busy crazy December :lol:
Thursday worked til 5 got home had a shower n stuff went pub til bout 12ish.
Friday again worked til 5 got home **** shower n shave then a night out with the lads.
Saturday nice lie in til around 2, got up ready and out for a mates dads 40th, Saturday night found out he had a suprise party at pub and a stripper aswell!
Sunday woke around 12- got ready to go for Indian with a few lads then off to the pub, for a few scoops
Spent Friday AND Saturday trawling the bars of Soho because friends were in town. Ugh.

It was fairly amusing tho.

Sunday - brick lane and home for a film...which was BRILLIANT. Even had to go online and purchase the DVD after it finished.

Sean Penn's 'Into the Wild' - anyone seen? 8)