Weekend Plans


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Weekend isn't far away!

Back to Arsenal session with my boy tomorrow night. Really missed it last week when it wasn't on because of the Villa game. The work the community team do at Arsenal is stellar. If you are interested, read this Twitter thread. Luke, name-checked in, is an absolute hero and one of my boy's favourite people in the world:

Saturday - usual morning guitar lessson with the eldest and then I take my team out to the wilds of Ilford for must-win game. 50/50 whether to play on tweaked hammy and tweaked calf.

Sunday - possble Park Run with kids, and then after visiting my folks (hopefully with me sneaking off to the gym for a restorative steam/jacuzzi) off to the this:

I'm most looking foward to The Boogeyman Singalong and Monster Mash Disco:lol:

(Long weekend for me, as I then fly to Tenerife solo on Monday for 6 days working in the sunshine:cool:)

So far, my footy match and eldest's guitar lesson were both postponed, and the Halloween event we're going to this afternoon have mailed to say wear waterproofs and wellies!

On the brightside, Arsenal won, Spurs were amusingly poor and Tenerife is predicted as 22 degrees and sunny tomorrow😎


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Last weekend with missus before she heads off to Cali for 3 months to finally see her folks after 2+ years. Will be a bit weird getting used to after that intensity of living out of each other's pockets for so long. Gilles Peterson is over here for jazztronica on Sunday so may pop in but more likely will just have a farewell meal. Some cool music things happening here over the next few weeks at LUV, Salvadiscos, Switch, Nitsa, Upload amongst others. The city's nightlife has definitely got its mojo back :)


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Bonfire tonight, kids and friends. I'm a big kid and love fireworks, so we will have to stay for the both kids/adults displays. Queue for hours for doughnuts and hot chocolate.

Sat - Driving to Waterworld in Stoke for 10am for the lad to have a splash about. Then I'm in two minds what to do, fancy Goodgreef's 20th birthday in Manchester. Haven't been to a hardhouse/trance event for a loooong time but that's where our dance music affair started 19/20years ago.

Sunday- depending on sat night... No clubbing sat ill get up early and go hiking (possibly Lakes depending on weather and water levels from last week) or sleep the hangover off. Mrs is taking son to a 5th birthday party but the invite was for 1 adult/1 kid to keep the costs down. Sunday lunch booked late afternoon for Mother in Laws birthday

Might squeeze the football in Saturday afternoon on TV. Looking forward to the weekend...


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it's raining cats and dogs here right now so it feels like a night in front of the fireplace, but I'm too keen to see las dalias' new indoor thing akasha tonight. seb leger & valentin h are playing. and I still haven't made it to eden this year, so we are planning to check out matthias tanzmann too!

storm winds announced for tomorrow so a lie-in is the plan and then a hike on sunday!


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I'm too keen to see las dalias' new indoor thing akasha tonight.

Was looking at pictures of this on twitter today, looks really cool. I think we'll spend a day there during our "quieter week 2" in July... what are prices like?


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Was looking at pictures of this on twitter today, looks really cool. I think we'll spend a day there during our "quieter week 2" in July... what are prices like?

currently entry is free. ask me tomorrow re drinks prices and I'll report back. it really does look cool and I'm genuinely curious to see it with my own eyes. a few people I trust have been speaking highly of this place.


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I saw it empty last week on Halloween. Looks like it could be very cool. Got some good reports from the night too. But it was table / min spend so we didn’t bother.

Obviously small capacity so lovely space for a more intimate feel.

Looking forward to visiting soon - considering it’s only 10 mins away 🙌🏼


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Needed a weekend off the drink and carry on but couldn’t be having a boring one so had a couple of edibles yday and for someone that doesn’t smoke the wacky backy i actually thought they were alright. After this weeks ‘detox’ it’s pretty much full steam ahead until the new year😵‍💫


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Been a good weekend..
Thursday - took our 3 year old to the England under 21 game which he enjoyed. Sat waving a free flag for most of the match

Friday - work function in the evening to open a new premises. After the dignitaries left, we had a good drink

Saturday - played on the empty skate park in the morning on son's balance bike.

Drinks in the afternoon before Hacienda at WHP with 18 mates. Really good crack because of the group but some of the music was questionable. Sanchez delivered, finally got wonky after many disappointing clubbing experiences of late.

Sunday - curry later to celebrate God daughter's 8th birthday. Sleep


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Went to my local cenotaph this morning with my youngest, to pay our respects.

Massive turnout here in Newcastle. Also great to see some WW2 vets still hanging in there.

Pretty grim rainy day so I promised her a sausage roll from Greggs if she behaved herself lol. It’s always nice when people compliment you on how well behaved your child is, and she done me proud today.

Sank a couple of glasses of port with some other veterans and I’m back in the house now.

Port seems a lot stronger these days for some reason. Also, my suit feels a bit tighter these days. It must have shrunk or something.

Hope you all had a good weekend.




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Been one of those weeks…..

Whilst we were away in Turin, my other half’s mum fell down our stairs whilst housesitting and broke her hip. Firemen had to break through our back patio door to get in…. Then last week, I stayed with her all week to give her as much help as I could.

Now I’m back in Brizzle and have done two comedy nights on the bounce- Tim Key last night (Check out No More Jockeys on the YouTubes), and am at Romesh tonight. Laughs needed after a tough week


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Went the O2 in Leeds Friday to see Gorgon City with a load of mates. Had a decent night, venue was decent but not very well run.

Took the wife for a meal last night and had a few beers to get the bubble back in the middle.

Went to the local service this morning to pay our respects with family.

Kids football this afternoon

Cricket World Cup final on tv at home this afternoon and an absolutely banging Sunday lunch from the Mrs!

Busy weekend, just how I like them! 👌


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Went to a charity event sat for children with cancer north.. my best man’s family put it on was a sold out huge success lot of money raised so fantastic weekend to be involved in.. feeling tender as today still though which I could of done without as need to get some runs in before the weekend

London Friday for my birthday, Saturday Printworks for Exhale then Ismus, Sunday will hopefully be third time lucky getting to LA.. more than ready for a bit of time off to explore California going to spend some time in San Diego and Malibu but going to be based in L.A we’ve got an airbnb in the bird streets.. weather looks good and some decent parties going down so 🤞 we pass our pre departure tests