Weekend Plans


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Had a nice one in Santa eularia before.. don't see it much in San An . Do they still have pictures of the food out side restaurants now days?


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Survived the Spartan. First Obstacle Course Race in the bag. Worth doing there's a lot crammed in and you don't just get to opt out if you don't fancy bits of it ! Rain stayed off, I stayed on the monkey bars (and ring rig - just, first time on one of those haha). Penalized for a couple of slips (what's 60 burpees anyway ?) but all in all happy enough to nail the rest. Very glad I got some general practice last weekend it paid off. Giving out free beer at the end seems to be a tradition with these things - sure you've paid handsomely for it in your entry fee :lol: Super-chunky medals - pretty hard earned to be honest but I've had what felt like tougher bootcamps of a weekday evening so not overly flattened !

Got home in one piece with minimal marks & scrapes. Booked Ibiza for Tuesday. Bring it on :twisted:

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I survived the half marathon! All roads now lead to weekends of more hangovers ?
How did it go ?