Weekend Plans


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Two more evening shifts for me, then off Sat/Sun.

Not a lot planned, gardening and maybe share a bottle of wine with the missus. I have made conscious effort to cut down on booze and also started running to build up my cardio.

So pretty full on really.
Nice one. Treadmill or streets ?


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Treadmill ☹
But I suppose it’s a start.
I’m happy if I could do a 5k in a half decent time by the end of it.
I work out five days a week but i found that nothing even compares to cardio, problem is I HATE EVERY LAST SECOND of it. I was doing the treadmill three times a week after work and found its bloody hard because, yes I hate it, but also Im bored as F. As soon as I started to take jogs around my block the time passed exponentially faster. food for thought.


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Just had lunch with an old mate and his Thai wife who I just found out is 5yrs younger than his son from previous marriage..😕


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Quietish weekend, seeing some old university friends on Saturday for a BBQ and then off to Bristol on Sunday for Father's Day.


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Take my boy to footy tonight, both of them skiing in morning, then to Tommy's therapy session. In the afternoon our local from our old house has it's 5th birthday party. They have kids entertainers etc so will pop in.

Sunday morning, Park Run with the kids and then my folks, my sister and her bloke are coming to ours for a Father's Day BBQ.

5pm - nanny/sitter arrives. 19:45 - the wife and I take off for Ibiza until Thursday night!