Weekend Plans


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I didn't even attempt to watch... so tired of seeing the Patriots

As for halftime, nothing will ever top Prince playing purple rain during the rainstorm in Miami!

(or Janet's pierced nipple)

Are we ignoring the Bud Light commercial? Terrible Beer, but it had the Mountain in it, which gets a thumbs up from me. 👍


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The news channels here highlighted that one as a great marketing tie-in.

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GOT 2 : Budweiser 0
I thought so. Excited for the launch of the next Game Of Thrones season tbh! Although somewhat off topic

As for me this weekend, off to a friends wedding.
After the sheer carnage and lack of sleep of Liberation at Fabric, the next few weeks are low key affairs.


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Excited for the launch of the next Game Of Thrones season tbh!
excited too.... unfortunately they take so long to film a season. They need to speed things up!

My wife was preg their last season, and my youngest kid is walking, talking and dancing now.
Big day of sport tomorrow, so no doubt I'll be ignored for the whole day 😅 may try and make plans with the girls instead 👯‍♂️ am seriously loving these new emojis, feel like I'm sending a whatsapp 😁


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Is it Friday yet? I got invited to take a tour of a friend of a friends factory that makes vinyl presses. Apparently he just sold one to Jack White. Other than that, likely going to get Gin and Tonic'd✌