Weekend plans!


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Just found out it's KISSMYBLACKASS at East Village on Friday! :eek:

Quentin Harris and Miss Honey Dijon with Viavacious fannying around with his usual costume changes and fans!

Work it girrrrrrlfriend. ;) :lol:
I may change this near the end of the week :lol: but my plans are likely to be a quiet one Friday (although may be persuaded for an after work Friday drink), Saturday need to get the last bits for friends wedding the weekend after, friends brother is leaving to go traveling for 8 months so going for a few drinks then onto a "indie" club near to us.
Sunday good old Mothers Day :lol:
Plans may change dramatically by weekend but will probably take Friday off from work, have some kind of birthday do in the evening, maybe get to the grand opening of Dub Club.

On Saturday, watch Chelsea take on the mighty Spurs, more drinking and random clubbing.

Sunday, wonder why I feel the need to fill my veins with alcohol all weekend long while also trying desperately to have a coherent thought.

Or I might just take off out of the city for the weekend...
Got room for one more? Snowing again today... I've had enough of this town! :lol:

(hey you! :D)

hello hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on the road, it's SOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun :D and you'll be happy to hear that chelsea are so big in asia, tom has only missed one game since we've been away (and that's when we were flying to india), he's even been getting up at 3am to watch champions league games :lol:

hope you and irina are both well, speak soon xx
Friday: Popping out to a club in Cheltenham to show support, will sit down and look bored while lots of kids are dancing around with glow sticks dancing to this 'fidget' aka electro ****e :rolleyes: fking hate it :spank: :spank: :spank:

Saturday: Checking into Radisson hotel in Birmingham for my hair and make-up trial for the wedding eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek :lol:

Sunday: Picking up the wedding rings and then meeting up with my Dad and my little brother to pick out and book the mens suits :D:D:D:D
Funk my old boots, nothing planned as off yet, probably more violence with the children indoors, Rog is at the MOS Saturday which is tempting but trying to keep low key. I will update nearer the weekend. Over and out.