Weekend plans?


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Everyone taking it easy this weekend?

Fri: Grocery shop - Boring

Sat: Opticians appt which im not looking forward to because i dont like it when they do the blowy thing in the eye :oops:, run another few errands, take some stuff back that was bought in the sales etc. Lunch in local pub to round off the day.

Sun: Staying in and cooking a nice Roasty Chicken.

A nice quiet weekend to ease me in slowly.
sat spent doing errands, getting eyes checked and catching up with people i didnt see over xmas.

rock on! 8)
Off to buy a new TV in the sales and see if we cant grab ourselves a lovely bargain.... Ours started to die the other day and is now only watchable in B&W - eeeeh its like being a kid again......

Not much going on really. Need to take friend out for drinks if she will come out as she just found out her other half has been cheating on her with a girl at work :cry: my friend also works there so she is devastated. If she wont come out then have a friends boyfriends bday drinks round Old St area........

Sunday plan to take it easy. And do some excercise with the new hand weights I bought :lol::lol::lol:
im 3 years overdue since me last one, going a bit Mr Magoo...

I've not had one since i bought the glasses in 1999 :eek: :lol:, the fact that i cant see the screen tells me i need to get the lenses replaced. Only plus point of me wearing them is the fact that i look kind of nerdy and intelligent as aposed to a dumb blonde :lol:
Fri - nothing planned

Sat - girlie lunch in Kew. At night been invited to a friend's engagement party but it's in Balham and I don't know if I can be bothered trekking South of the river in this weather

Sun - roast with friends at the Lodge Tavern
Friday...Surfing in Bali
Sat night... Partying
Sun......Surfing with a hangover
starts early for me......
god damn the summer 'festive' season.....

thursday: dinner with some mates
friday: got a mates 28th birthday BBQ (& have made her the bestest earrings ever!:))
satday: got a BBQ in fitzroy gardens, then a late afternoon funktion one 'belated xmas' gig, then another HUGE party in this converted church hall overlooking melbourne's sparkling city....
sunday: I AM NOT GETTING OUT OF BED TILL 6PM.... (then i have 2work for a bit)

summer is a killer.... & its not just the sun......!!:lol:
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Friday - chilling/watching dvds got for xmas plus got hours of sky + to catch up on

Saturday - swiming with kids, then take em to see their grandad or open up some more of their presents, they still have a bag of un-opened presents! Put a bet on at some stage. Probably watch Saturday premier on Sky movies once kids tucked up.

Sunday - gym, then take kids to park and to feed the horses. My little boy loves it but my little girl gets freaked out by them which is strange as she is the one with all the gob and front in the family. Watch Super Sunday and chill for rest of day.

Browse holiday brochures fri/sat/sun
Fri: its all about the Black Cotton Club for us. Dress in your spangliest vintage gear and drink cocktails as you dance along to the finest music the 1920s had to offer!

Sat: only the musically inert will not be checking out disco danx and ragga robbieg belching out some of the hottest sounds. Dude.
Eh? Who the frig goes out in early January? Stay in, eat pies and keep warm you oddballs :p
Apparently its going to be the calmest seas ever in history around the Pacific this year..... :lol::lol:

Have a lovely time 8)

Thank you !!

Dunno about the Pacific..... But the Indian Ocean was pretty fun yesterday.

Pi$$ing down today though..... oh, wait a minute, sun's back out....bye!!
Thank you !!

Dunno about the Pacific..... But the Indian Ocean was pretty fun yesterday.

Pi$$ing down today though..... oh, wait a minute, sun's back out....bye!!

:lol::lol::lol::lol: PMSL - that's my O Level Geography pass about to be removed from my CV then....