Weekend Plans


Tonight - Gogol Bordello concert :D

Friday - Opening party for Escobar (previous event 2 weeks ago was apparently the "pre-opening party" :confused:). Hoping to check out another new place called Kitchcock.

Saturday - Attending some fancy art installation opening on a river boat (and missing the football match :(). Later activities t.b.d. Possible going to Justo for some German DJ named Ben Mono.

Sunday - Rest relax... hoping my damn car has arrived at the dealer!


Me - the detox continues! Out to dinner tonight for a mates birthday. I'm driving and not drinking:eek:.

Friday - cinema maybe - any recommendations? (Already seen Bond)

Saturday - loooking at kitchens - rock and roll. Quiet night in after

Sunday - More relaxing.

Might try and keep this up until December - then the craziness starts!
he shoulda flown to France and bought one there and driven it back.

would have been quicker.

Its prob getting stripped at some Russian Customs Depot
Friday - no plans, need a quiet weekend involving no drink and craziness, might stay in with the TV and maybe a curry

Saturday - maybe a bit of Xmas shopping, no doubt stay in again on Sat night

Sunday - no plans, will have to get out of the house at some point for air :eek::lol: but saying that might do some decorating on my bedroom
Starts today - Beajoulais Day! My mate has a do on every year in his bar, lots of wine and dodgy music! Time I get there after work half of them won't be able to stand up!

Friday - night in perhaps take away, maybe gym.

Saturday gym early doors, taking kids to Chelmsford to see a friend, lunch and do some xmas shopping. Usual Saturday night TV and probably stay up for the boxing. Have a bet at some stage.

Sunday - swimming or park with the kids, super sunday with the freefalling Hammers, catch on some sky + programmes.

Oh yeah and few more games of Elefun!!! Rave on!
Fri - couple of quick drinks in Covent Garden with some old work buddies, then home cos my sis and her husband are coming to stay with us for the weekend. Food and drinks at home with them.

Sat - my sis wants to go to Westfield :spank: so may join them for some shopping/lunch, at night out for Chinese

Sun - bloody Marys and roasts in the pub before they venture back oop north
he shoulda flown to France and bought one there and driven it back.

would have been quicker.

Its prob getting stripped at some Russian Customs Depot
Had my secretary call and yell at the AUTO dealer :lol:
He talked to his logistics people and now promises delivery by the end of next week.

You're probably right, Chewie... it'll be almost 8 weeks total wait. I could have driven back and forth to France several times, probably paid less money for it, and started a small import business!
Had my secretary call and yell at the AUTO dealer :lol:


How brave!:lol:;)

Me - el missus is off to Israel with work on Sunday so being a good agent.

Got a curry for a mates birthday tonight.

Fri, stay in, cook.

Sat, open day for our new office, something nice to eat in Mancunica & a couple of drinks in the new (and I plug) and fab North Pole Bar opposite urbis in a tent.

Then sunday, see her off & hit the pub.
How brave!:lol:;)
I'm just too nice... and too resigned to the reality of the inadequacies and inefficiencies of the system to put up a proper fight.

She, on the other hand, can pull off "bitchy" quite nicely :lol:
(I've been promised all kinds of "free gifts" since I had he start making the weekly call!)
Friday - Tonight after work is happy hour night with my brother and his friends, since I haven't hung out with that set in a while.

Saturday - working on my band's new demo, then at night there is a tape party. The dress code is tape.

Sunday - Might go to church (UU) if I can wake up for it. Then probably lunch or brunch or something with someone.
Ooh haven't done one of these for a while..

Fri - Catch up on my Sky+ recordings haha
Sat - DJing at 'DropOne' @ The Horse & Groom in Shoreditch
Sun - Chillllll
Friday - Out for a run, early night
Saturday - The Christmas Market started in the city centre, so im going to go down and make full use of it by sitting in the beer tent all day.. whey hey! I love Christmas
Sunday - Visit the parents...

Morbs in Chelsea Kit Advert

I, on the other hand, can pull off "bitchy" quite nicely :lol:


lazy weekend for me

fri: chill
sat: braving ikea and habitat for bits to tart house up now it is tidy :)
sun: gym/swim/spa/chill
Fri: May call in sick tomorrow and curl up into bed and try to get rid of this disease/virus that i seem to have caught and had all week :spank: :evil:

Sat: Pop to see my Mom, last time before xmas due to diary being filled to the brim between now and xmas day :spank:.
Sat night: Curry and a bottle of wine.

Sun am: Opticians which i hate because of the blowing in the eye thing so will fail at that a few times and annoy the optician :lol: :confused:, Huuuge brekfast in pub somewhere before hand. Diet is going well thanks :lol:
Sun pm: Sunday lunch (will no longer refer to it as a roast :p) at local with friends and their little girl before going to see the xmas light switch on in Gloucester. We have Christopher Biggins and Father Christmas and some reindeers :lol:, gotta love it :lol:

Thats me lot :lol:
Its that time again already!!
Tonight cooking for some Friends!
Tomorrow, busy (and hopefully successful) day, going to a friends 30th at Beech Blanket Babylon in Shorditch!
Saturday, keeping away from temptations and headed down to my Mum's in cheltenham for a few days!
Friday - working 1-9.
Saturday - working 4 til midnight.
Sunday - working 10-6

Crap weekend. Not caring though , Fabric next weekend.:D