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After such a superb time last weekend fancy dress in Cobh im very excited about this coming Friday.

Friday - http://www.state.ie/blog/fri-14-nov...presents-bestival-reunion-dublin-pod-complex/

im very excited about seeing the legendary 808 State play live, promises to be a brilliant nite, they are true legends of dance music, also Tom Middleton playing an 88-93 classics set and Rob Da Bank 2 dj's who ive not seen in years, also on next door is http://entertainment.ie/event/Clubbing/Tripod/Richie-Hawtin/2440880.htm
im getting an access all areas ticket so i can catch some of Hawtin but it's 808 State who im really looking forward to seeing.

Saturday - I'm supposed to be going playing football for my new team but somehow i cant see that hapening:oops::lol: oh yeah i forgot Ireland play the All Blacks in the Rugby so ill go watch that but chances are they'll beat us again.

Sunday - Watch Celtic on the TV few quiet beers.
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mine has already started so......

thurs: photoshoot in east london followed by drinks somewhere nearby dependent on finish time

fri: day off, waiting for john lewis to deliver, girly pampering, lunch and maybe some shopping

sat: braving the westfield for more shopping more lunch more shopping and then "evening entertainment "of some sort

sun: some outdoor activities weather permitting, otherwise vegging out with dvd

great 8)
Im going to finish work on friday, go to the gym and then go home and lock my door and I aint leaving until sunday...
Have to have a break, Im all partied out.

Fri - 7am flight to Sunny Barcelona to see my darlings Sil and Rach :D

3 days of being manana girlies, eating, drinking, gassing, being silly etc etc etc :D

Fly home late Sunday night.
Have a good trip, Babs, and give my regards to the girls.

Nothing especially interesting going on in the clubs of Moscow this weekend so I anticipate some random bar/club hopping with my usual crew.

Saturday, will watch football in the afternoon and then attend either the Emir Kusturica & The No Smoking Orchestra concert or the Spiritualized concert. :D

My new car was supposed to (finally!) be delivered this week so I'd love to go for a Sunday drive, but I still haven't heard from the dealership :evil:
Lol @ Morbyd the Sunday driver.

I can just picture you in your flat cap, thermos flask and wax jacket ;) :D
I know!! I'm loving the image myself!
Just talked to the dealership, though.... the car is in transit, has passed the border into Russia, but still hasn't made it to Moscow. They're saying one more week, the bastards :cry:
Wish it was the weekend, my head hurts having been to WHL last night to see my rejunivated team tear Liverpool apart! 8)

This weekend is looking large & messy!

Friday, meeting an old gf at Cha Cha Moon, then going to see Bond!
Saturday day, going away to Fulham, well its just up the road, got a lunch 50m from the ground!
Night, my friend Carlos' bday dinner, then hottail it to Ministry, really looking to see Dubfire smash to place me, with support from Fanchewme!
Sunday, Block At The Lock, Jon Carter's got a cracking line up at his Pub with Ashley Beadle, Barry Ashworth, Justin Robertson amongst others!
Friday - drinks in the City, belated bday drinks for me and a friend, she has an area reserved at Abbey, should be good. But I am not feeling too much drinking I have to say. Its really causing havoc with my IBS the next day:spank::cry:

Saturday - bit of Xmas shopping, am determined to be more organised this year!! :eek::lol: meal out at a local Mexican with friends and their other halves, should be good, I went there for my 21st years ago, great food, great atmosphere, great drinks - including the tequila worm!

Sunday - recovering, and maybe a dance class in the evening :lol: oh and maybe a catch up of X Factor and the new I am a Celeb
Friday - Straight from work on to the train up to Manchester for Cocoon at The Warehouse Project (Sven , RPR , Tobi Neuman) . Stay over in hotel then back saturday evening
Saturday - Friend is putting on a party in some warehouse on Hackney Road should be loadsa fun. Possible carry on at Aquarium but probs not
Friday - gym and quiet night take away indoors

Saturday - gym, pick my boy up, take kids out somewhere, few games of Elefun (petition starts here for it to be in 2012 Olympics), usual Saturday night TV

Sunday - swimming with kids, nice roast, super sunday etc etc maybe anotehr game of Elefun!

Morbs - go for Spirtualized!! 8)
Morbs - go for Spirtualized!! 8)
Definitely my choice! But the missus loves Kosturica and his tango/gypsy/whatever music.

Might have to send her to Kosturica with a girlfriend and go to Spiritualized myself (It would also allow me to stay at the pub until the end of the late Chelsea match, as that concert starts much later)
Well you know what to do, keep her happy and build up your gold stars for use at a later date!

Seen Spiritualized before. Cracking night.

Who you got Saturday?
We've got WBA.

Which reminds me - I read somewhere yesterday something you'd like to hear. Apparently, Obama is a West Ham fan!
Fri: Drinks and dinner out somewhere for us but need inspiration as to what "style" of food to go for....

Sat: shopping for the last minute bits and bobs before flying out to Cyprus and a quiet night in...

Sun: Phil at the match (I think) so holiday beauty treatments etc and chilling generally

Mon or Tue packing.....
We've got WBA.

Which reminds me - I read somewhere yesterday something you'd like to hear. Apparently, Obama is a West Ham fan!

Yes just picked up my coupon for the weekend and saw. Should be easy enough for you.

Worrying for the U S of A (and actually the rest of us) that you have a Hammers fan in charge!!! :lol:

Zola has invited him over to watch us play. Shame it'll probably be against Crewe the way we are going! :lol:
Friday: Fish & Chip night!!! yaaaay :lol:, other than that watch some Children in Need on the box.

Saturday: Getting my hair coloured in & staying at home for the afternoon/evening by myself as i dont want to go to Kent and watch Joey dj for 5 hours straight :rolleyes: so . . . girlie pampering time and will watch the new Family Guy dvd's and gorge on Popcorn and wine :)

Sunday: dependant on what time Joey comes home hopefully a Sunday roast at our local.

Then its back to the grindstone :rolleyes:
Girlie coming down Friday, ship her off Saturday evening to go round a mates for a little gathering, potentially ending up in local rat cage. Sunday, football then chilling out. Weekends on the dole aren't that much fun...

However, Football Manager 2009 gets released tomorrow. I would much prefer to be playing that all weekend but seems I won't get a chance until Sunday evening. Drybags. Already drawing up plans to wake up in the middle of the night and sneak away from girlie to play it. 8) 8) 8)