weekend only trips?



anybody know of any websites/travel ops that offer weekend only packages to ibiza this summer :?:
why not try the budget airlines for your flight and select accommodation from our selection to book online
wow..when was that Tony?..just got a quote for August...£66 outbound and £112 back is the cheapest, oh well..see what i can do
took me several days of going in every hour to get a good deal - eventually got £16.50 outbound at 6.00am and then £33.50 inbound at 10.00pm - just missed the £16.50 inbound :confused:
I've booked a long weekender with Easyjet and a hostel in Ibiza Town, good value.
I think that if you book your own flight and accomodation seperatly then its just not worth going for the weekend, you may as well make at least a week of it. With package holidays you pay a fortune just so holiday reps can sell you overpriced days out. Book it yourself and you can get bargain flights and hotels at their REAL value which is much more affordable than the price that holiday companies charge so they get their cut. The hotels are actually quite reasonably priced if you book them yourself.

Screw the weekend, go for a week! If the boss complains... tell him where to go! :D
ok, thanx for all your help!...looks like i might just go for a week now! :D