Wednesday's !!!


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Arriving on Wednesday at around 3:15am, considerind going to Lashed at Es Paradis, where can i get tickets at short notice ? Don't really wanna pay on the door, What time does it close ? Any help will be much appreciated ! :p
Think you mean Lashed at Eden :D the time I was there it closed around6 6.30 I think, could be wrong coz I was a bit drunk :eek:
you can buy them usually for a fair price at the mega record store in West end or at the sunset strip or by streetvendors. wont be a big problem. have fun! 8)
I was talking to a girl who works for Eden when I was there and she said Lashed and JS were their 2 big nights. Clockwork Orange failed miserably.
went to clock work oragne last tuesday

its was pooooo

half of the club was shut off the funky room was pretty good thou

best night by far was

cw orange is crap and shouldent be on the island danny clockwork has lost his touch
I went twice to Lashed only because hard house nights in Belgium r rather scarce. It was always nicely filled, superb atmosphere, great tunes & funky room :D
Browneyedgirl said:
yea i have to agree i loved lashed, the atmosphere was great and she played some wicked tunes

Indeed, try DK8 - Murder was the bass. You'll remember it ;) :D

Roger Sanchez - Monday (Pacha) the 8th was Awesome
Eric Morillo - Wednsedays (Pacha) 10th seen him play better
Cream - Thursdays (Amnesia) Was a scream
Pacha (Friday for Tony & Oakenfold) - Need I say More

Anyone else go to these nights - what do you think
Popeye said:
Thanx, is there anywhere else i can purchase tickets or will it be a case of paying on the door ?

Just get a flyer off a PR and that will give you discounted entry. Or try Bar M - thats were the lashed pre-party is