Wednesday Night?


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I'm going to IBIZA next Thursday (7th Aug) and don't know exactly what we should do on Wednesday(13th).please tell me what you would do on Wednesday. THX in advance.
For me it would be the following order - Soul Heaven, Subliminal or La be honest you can't go wrong with any of them.

Check specific listings for each night to see what's your thang :p ;)
cookie said:
spunkymonkey said:
La Troya was very good when we were over there a few weeks ago.

That's good to hear as we're planning on going, did you do the space carry on?

Lol, yes he did cos I caught up with him about 5pm Thursday and saw the aftermath :p :lol: ;)

*says the girl who Steve had to carry onto the tube last wk* :oops: :p ;)
wednesdays are the best nights, Moriello @ Pacha, what else could you ask for apart from Timo Mass also, and as it turns out there both there on sep 3'rd :D
spunkymonkey said:
La Troya was very good when we were over there a few weeks ago.

For me, it was the worst night of a whole week

i've arrived at 2 am expecting the Foam party...
The house music was simply terrible, and I felt completely rippen off when i've known that the foam would only occour between 6am-7am

the boredom dominated me at 5am, and i've left the placed with the grand total of 0 (zero) musics danced, and with 45€ less...

On another hand, top nights in a whole week:
Thursday - Tiesto @ cream
Sunday - Erick Morrillo @ Terrace Space
Monday - Play2 disco

besides this, nothing much is worth noticing....
Don't listen to Pmsrve :twisted: - La Troya Asesina is absolutely amazing :D :D .....its the best thing at Amnesia and the music when we were there 3 weeks ago was really really superb. If you want avant garde Ibiza that is a throwback to the original parties then this is your night.....seriously its awesome. My tip would be to spend the night in the terrace as well until sunrise! I just wish I could show you our digi camera video clip from the terrace and you would see what i mean!!!!! :lol:

You can follow La Troya with the Space carry on as well which is only 10Euros with a wrist tag.

Pacha is really the only other strong night on Wednesday - Subliminal with Eric Morillo (as everybody has pointed out). I am sure that you can sacrifice this though as there are so many other good nights on at Pacha this year. eg Monday - Roger Sanchez, Tuesday - Underwater, Friday - Pure Pacha and also Flower Power.

I would avoid Soul Heaven at PinUp simply because its one of the big failures this year. Great music and good line ups but unfortunately the club has been empty - i left after an hour as we were literally the only people there and other folks have said that they had a night with only 50 other people.......not great.

Leave PinUp for Monday nights and go to La Troya my friend.
Yes Barbie....Space Carry on was a bit messy that day....and as you know I had to confiscate the keys of the car off the other he wanted to dive home. Actually I had to trick him into giving me the keys.
So as you can guess, a good night was had by all that night!!!