Wedding Anniversary



Ok .. tis mine and Mike's 18th wedding anniversary the wednesday we are out in Ibiza (18th June) .. and apart from taking in the subliminal opening party .. which we hope to do ... what nice romantice thing could we do during the day?
Hee hee -- the Mr and I are off to Ibiza for our "honeymoon" (I put it in "quotes" cos it's soooo not the standard American honeymoon) -- we met in Ibiza in August 2002; married in February 2003 (!!!).
We're joking around about the romantic things we can do to make it a honeymoon... We've come up with recreating our first encounter by getting our wreck on and groping each other like mad on the dance floor. ;)
HEH HEH! (eh, there's really a 100% chance that'll happen anyway)
He's been there more than me, so he's got some lovely dinner plan thing going on (which I'm eagerly going to be surprised by), but to be honest, I think one of the most romantic things will just be being together in a place that sends both of us over the moon -- and catching that perfect look of contentment in his eyes and having one of those moments of absolute happiness :D
I've found (at least in these early days of marriage) that the best laid plans for getting "romantic" are usually never as perfect as those moments that just happen when we feel good -- in the right place at the right time.
That being said, there will probably be 23 posts following this one about top sunset places, good seafood restaurants, etc... but that's just my input. Enjoy!
:) thank you ... I will !

I can't wait for time on our own ... as much as I love the children!
you schould go have a nice dinner somewhere near the sea, and get a private table!
Go see the stars at night near some excluded beach and share a bottle of starkling whitewine or champagne!
I would suggest doing what me and the g/f did the last time we were in Ibiza.

We made up a packed lunch/hamper and packed some champagne, grabbed my small cd player then had a walk (you could take the car if you have one) round the coast until we found our very own small cove/cave where we had no chance of getting disturbed.

Spent the day chilling out with each other - having a picnic and enjoying each others company.

I'd have to say, for the romantic factor it sure beats sitting in a bar or on a beach surrounded by other folk - regardless of how nice a place it is...
Sar and I are out there for our 1st wedding anniversary this year. I’ve booked a table at Bambuddah as a surprise on 21/06/03 and then we are off to Space on 22/06/03.
here something diffrent.

go on the bunje rocket...theat will be something diffrent for you wedding aniverisary.

or try the casino in ibiza town, or try ahve a meal in the old town in ibiza town thats really nice.
saffy you youngster

our 32nd anniversary tomorrow but unlike the last few years, can't afford Ibiza so off to Cornwall for a couple of days where we spent our honeymoon - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Saffy what about a nice meal at KM5, the location is so gorgeous and chilled and it will set you up nicely for the mayhem to follow at Subliminal Opening.

If Tom ever decides to make a respectable woman of me lol, then I'd want proposing to at KM5 :p

Beforehand what about hiring a car for the day and driving to a really secluded beach and then doing whatever takes your fancy ;)
congrats tony.

here's what i do. i always buy my wife something that is really expensive and a totally useless waste of money. so this year i'll be purchasing a ticket for the space discotheque!

do you think i'll be quoted on the space website?
Am taking him over to Formentara for the day ... then to Mambo for sunset drinks ... then of course, Mr.Morillo at Pacha !!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

And Tony? Congratulations to you both ! X